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Jordan Wenshau ('20) is a senior at Sartell High School. It is her second year on the LeSabre team. She writes mostly fun, upbeat features. She is one of six kids. Her favorite hobbies include singing, cooking, writing, reading, drawing, and playing with her many pets. She has three German Shepherds named Ryker, Ranger, and Nyx and two cats named Leo and Lou. When she is not playing with her dogs or cats, she can be found hanging out with her family or being creative. She is still unsure about her future but optimistic that she will do great things.

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There are some pretty crazy people out there these days.

American Man

March 20, 2020
Black is common in fashion for its versatility and boldness.


February 12, 2020
Blue is the most commonly preferred favorite by both genders.


February 12, 2020
Pink is related to femininity, beauty, and softness. It is also the perfect color for a scrunchy.


February 12, 2020
Orange is a complex color. It is appetizing, exciting, and beautiful.


February 12, 2020
A slightly overcooked waffle is the perfect shade of caramelly brown.


February 12, 2020
Purple is mysterious, intriguing, and rare because it doesnt appear in nature.


February 12, 2020
Yellow is an attention grabber. It is exciting, bright, and an extroverted color.


February 12, 2020
Green is the most common color to occur in nature.


February 12, 2020
Red is exciting, urgent, passionate, and powerful. It is a very common favorite color after blue.


February 12, 2020
White is clean and innocent. It is also pure and creates space.


February 12, 2020
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Jordan Wenshau
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