The COVID Diaries: Entry 7


Jordan Wenshau

Obviously, it’s too cold to go outside. But it’s never too cold to read a book.

Welcome back! I hope all is well with you today. I for one, am getting sick of Minnesota’s games. One day, it’s sunny and almost 70º and the next, it’s snowing. Make up your mind Minnesota!!

It doesn’t help that one of the only things we can do during quarantine is going on walks, which is impractical in this bipolar climate. At this point, I’m running pretty low on ideas for things to do. I’ve gotten pretty far down my list of 40 things to do during Quarantine.

I think today for the creative challenge, you can go outside and make a snow angel. Nah, I’m kidding but I wouldn’t judge if you did. The real challenge is not super creative, but it’ll feel really good to get done. Clean your room! Organize your closet and drawers. You have all the time in the world right now, so seize the day! Happy cleaning 🙂