The Quarantine Diaries: Day 2


photo via flickr under the creative commons license

See how many faces you can spot in this doodle, there are a couple!

Welcome back to my adventures in quarantine! Today, the boredom has begun to set in. After I finished my chores, I wandered my house looking for something to keep me busy, wishing I had taken longer to do the dishes. I ended up making a list of 40 things to do while being quarantined, which I hope will quell your boredom as well as mine. Today’s creative challenge is to make a list of your own. It could be a list of your 10 favorite songs or your favorite foods, it could be a list of things you need to clean or anything you could possibly imagine. Be creative and have fun with your list. You can read mine below. I hope you enjoy! Stay healthy 🙂 


40 Things to do while under quarantine:

  1. Re-watch Game of Thrones (or start a show you haven’t had time to watch)
  2. Learn to draw
  3. Clean your room
  4. Disinfect your phone (and other electronics)
  5. Write a short story or poem
  6. Make braided bracelets
  7. Do the dishes without being asked (your mom will salute you)
  8. Write a song
  9. Make up a board game
  10. Play video games
  11. Learn to play an instrument
  12. Read a book 
  13. Make lists
  14. Make/watch TikToks
  15. Facetime a friend
  16. Play with your pets
  17. Play with makeup 
  18. Paint your nails
  19. Cook something
  20. Take a nap
  21. Make a new playlist
  22. Shop online
  23. Read the LeSabre
  24. Do a puzzle
  25. Create a scavenger hunt 
  26. Mute a cheesy movie and make up your own dialogue with the family
  27. Organize your closet and drawers
  28. Clean the junk drawer (Does every home have one of these?)
  29. Doodle something 
  30. Start journaling
  31. Listen to a book
  32. Write letters to your family members, tell them what you love about them
  33. Have a rap battle with your siblings
  34. Play the cursive game! (talk in “Cursive” with your siblings and try to translate what they’re saying into English)
  35. Play poker for candy
  36. Ask your parents what their high school experience was like
  37. Call your grandparents (They’d love to hear from you)
  38. Dig up those old board games and play with your family
  39. Watch a bunch of zombie movies in preparation for the apocalypse
  40. Hang out in dad jams, but make it fashion
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