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Major League Baseball plans to re-open near July 4th, but at what cost?


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MLB players await new guidelines as MLB officials plan to re-open near July 4th of this summer.

Major League Baseball has come out with new information as to what their modified season may look like due to coronavirus. The MLB told their players and teams that their prorated salaries would contribute to an average loss of around $640,000/game over and 82-game season with no fans present in empty ballparks. This information was obtained from a presentation given by the MLB commissioner’s office to the union that was gathered by The Associated Press.

Major League Baseball games have become one of the most captivating sporting events in our country and with the new proposed layout of the season, this $10 billion industry is being shuttered by the virus. According to Kare 11 News, the 12-page document titled “Economics of Playing Without Fans in Attendance” was dated on May 12th and sparked the initial negotiations of starting the delayed baseball season around the Fourth of July.

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Teams have now begun discussing the losses among individual ball clubs and have sparked more conversations about the reopening plan. Organizations are saying that even if they do start a delayed season, it would still cause a $4 billion dollar loss and give players 89 percent of the revenue gained. This figure is astronomically different from what other years of the league have looked like.

Players and teams are contending that they think they will lose more money with more games being played, while the players’ union believes differently. They believe that clubs would actually lose less money with the more games played, and clubs also have stakes in their regional sports networks, and playing more games would benefit their organizations.

Image shows a Cleveland Indians Ballgame.
Image shows Cleveland Indians versus the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field. (Photo via Flickr Share-alike 2.0 CC License)

Owners voted Monday to propose salaries be based on a 50-50 split of revenue, framework players say is tantamount to the kind of salary cap they will never accept. Teams gave the players’ association their virus-testing plan Friday and have waited to make their economic proposal.

The specifics of what the public and organizations are seeking are the numbers and figures that would be primarily affected by this adjusted opening. The organizations that are most popular may be the ones that fall the most.

The New York Yankees alone would have $312 million in local losses when calculating their earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. New York’s figure includes about $100 million toward the bonds that financed the new Yankee Stadium, money that already has been paid for 2020.

With the Yankees being one of the most loved and hated ball clubs in the nation this is a huge hit to the ecological standing of their organization.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were at $232 million in local losses, followed by the New York Mets at $214 million, Chicago Cubs at $199 million, and Boston Red Sox at $188 million. Detroit would have the lowest negative EBIDTA, which is an accounting measure used to assess profitability, at $84 million, with Baltimore at $90 million, and Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay at $91 million each. Figures exclude distributions from the central office, which projects to collect $1.34 billion in media revenue.

The Kansas City Royals gather to shake hands after a home win.
The Kansas City Royals gather to shake hands after an impressive home win. (Photo via Flickr Share-alike 2.0 CC License)

Organization leaders will not be able to fully predict what this new layout might look like for the MLB and there are many variables that could cause the losses to skyrocket or to stabilize. You have to take into account MLB Network purchases/cancellations, viewership on local sports stations for teams on major networks like CBS, MLB, and more. Viewership is going to be a paramount issue and the media needs the fans to continue watching and supporting the league to help them stay afloat. 

The figures were calculated by MLB and its clubs, and the frequently skeptical union already has requested a slew of documents from MLB. MLB said 2019 revenue was 39% local gate and other in-park sources, followed by 25% central revenue, 22% local media, 11% sponsorship, and 4% other.

Teams fear a second wave of the coronavirus would devastate finances if renewed government restrictions cause cancellation of the postseason, which brings in $787 million in media money. The document details who pays what: $370 million by Fox, $310 million by Turner, $27 million by ESPN, $30 million by the MLB Network, and $50 million from international and other.

The immense amount of losses for MLB teams is going to be large no matter the proposal because of the absence of fans. The only thing that fans can do is continue their endless support for their local teams and the MLB as a whole.

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Some sports are eyeing a return in the near future


Courtney Kosloski

When will we be able to go to sporting events again?

The coronavirus pandemic is taking the world by storm taking out sports, group gatherings and keeps many people from seeing their relatives.

One of the biggest impacts in the United States is the postponement of sports until further notice. Many people are talking about having the sports return without fans, but some say that would defeat the purpose of playing the game because feeding off the crowd gives players energy and momentum.

Dr. Nate Favini, the lead doctor at Forward Health Care Services, says that he doesn’t believe that the sports will return anytime this year. He believes that it won’t be back up and running with fans and everything until later in 2021. Many other doctors have the same input on what they believe will happen with sports for the remainder of the year. 

Some say that it is way too risky and could possibly start another outbreak and cancel it for longer. Others say that if they have tests every couple days just to make sure everyone is healthy, and it’s okay to play then why do it with no fans. 

Nascar is going to be the first to start back up. They are eyeing a start nearing as close as two weeks away. Then they are thinking Major League Baseball will start June 1st and the regular season will start early July. NFL is still staying on track for the start of the year for early September and having training camps still late July early August. Many sports are eyeing a return in the near future but is it the the right thing to do?


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Analyzing the Vikings’ 2020 schedule


Dylan Krenz-Bertrand

The schedule for the 2020 NFL season has been released.

The schedule reveal is the last real piece of news from the NFL until training starts with rookie camps in the summer, and that news has come out as of May 7th. While the teams and locations of games have been known since the regular season ended, the scheduling has just been made known to the public, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Starting off with the preseason…

The Vikings host the Houston Texans, go on an Ohio run by visiting both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns, and then wrapping it up by hosting the Seattle Seahawks. A lot of interesting things are going on with these games even though they don’t affect the team’s record. One key thing of note here is that the Vikings will visit the two teams they host in the preseason, both in October. With all of these teams, it will be a good test for the newer and younger Vikings defense going up against quarterbacks Deshaun Watson, 1st overall pick Joe Burrow, Baker Mayfield, and Russell Wilson. The most important preseason game is always the third, which happens to be against new Browns head coach and former Vikings QB coach and offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski.

Moving on to the regular season games…

Minnesota opens up at home against the Green Bay Packers, the first time this has happened in franchise history. This is a huge game at any time of the year, and kicking off the season with a victory here would be crucial for the team’s success. A potential game for volatile results, I can see both teams winning this game due to the Vikings’ young secondary and rebuilt O-Line against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay defense, however these weaknesses can be mitigated if the rookies show up big early and the Vikings can force Rodgers into bad situations as he is aging and seems very unhappy with the Packers. A win here would shoot these teams into opposite directions far beyond the win/loss column.

The next game has the Vikings hitting the road to play the Indianapolis Colts. New Colts quarterback Phillip Rivers played the Vikings last year to the tune of three interceptions and a 39-10 defeat in Los Angeles and has only gotten older and now has to adjust to a new system in Indianapolis. I like seeing the Colts early in the year as they will be relying on several new pieces to their team and may not have all the kinks worked out, something the Vikings can certainly take advantage of.

The Vikings’ next opponent is the Tennessee Titans at home. The biggest problem with this matchup will be standout RB Derrick Henry who got the underdog Titans one game away from the Super Bowl last year. They also had QB Ryan Tannehill have a breakout year last season as well as a strong defense. A good early season test against a real contender in the AFC will be good for this team as an early litmus test.

The third straight AFC South opponent, the Houston Texans, host the Vikings in their fourth game. The Texans have faced a lot of turmoil over the offseason, and while they were formidable last year, they were somewhat shaky and are certainly not the same team they were last year, however it is always dangerous to play Deshaun Watson wherever you are and no matter who’s playing with him.

The gauntlet of the first five games featuring four playoff teams ends with the Seattle Seahawks hosting the Vikings on Sunday night, a seemingly annual occurrence of a prime time game in Seattle for Minnesota. Last year, the Vikings came very close to beating Seattle without Dalvin Cook for half of the game, so if the team is healthy this may be a game that we can take away from another NFC competitor.

Returning from a two game road trip, the Vikings return home to play the Falcons. Atlanta was one of the worst teams in the league for most of the season last year, but went on a tear late and ended up with a respectable record which likely saved head coach Dan Quinn’s job. It is tough to say how good Atlanta will be next year as they still haven’t fully recovered from their Super Bowl 51 loss, but the Vikings should take them seriously as they are sandwiched in between two tough opponents.

The Vikings get a bye for their seventh week of the season, a good location roughly halfway through the season. Looking ahead at the opponents after the bye, the schedule gets drastically easier at this point in time, however it is impossible to tell until after the season has concluded.

Their first opponent out of the bye is a road game at Green Bay. The Vikings will get both games against the Packers following extended periods of rest which gives a massive advantage to the Vikings, especially with the Packers playing two tougher road games leading up to this one. I can actually see this game being easier for the Vikings despite it being on the road because of the bye and with the young players having significantly more experience.

The second of three divisional games for the Vikings has them hosting the Detroit Lions. This is an under the radar team that may end up competing for the division crown, and the first meeting between these two teams is very important to get ahead in the division race, especially after both Green Bay games have already been played.

The Vikings visit Chicago for their last road game in potentially cold weather of the year in mid-November for a Monday night game against the Bears, their second and final primetime game of the year barring flexing the schedule later in the year. While Chicago has a formidable defense, they look to be on the decline from their 12-4 record two years ago and I do not expect them to be competitive beyond this point in the season.

Minnesota starts a three game home stand against the Dallas Cowboys. This stretch will likely make or break the season as all three games are winnable, but cannot afford to be lost either. The Cowboys are a mystery every single season, and right now no one knows who their quarterback will be to start the season. However, they improved their already explosive offense from last season and will likely have more success due to their new head coach Mike McCarthy. This will most likely be the toughest of these three games, and starting off with a win will go a long way to improve the team’s odds for the rest of the year.

Following a nice Thanksgiving meal, the Vikings host the Carolina Panthers. Familiar QB Teddy Bridgewater will captain this team back into Minnesota for a warm welcoming home, and hopefully a victory. Running back Christian McCaffrey exploded last year, being a dark horse MVP candidate for most of the season despite not playing QB. Mitigating McCaffrey’s effectiveness is the key to victory here.

For their final game of the defense of Minneapolis, the Vikings welcome the Jacksonville Jaguars into their stadium. This may be the worst team the Vikings play all year, but they do have a retooled defense and some weapons on offense that could potentially give the Vikings trouble, but this should not be a significant challenge for the Vikings.

Returning to the road, the Vikings visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their second meeting with Tom Brady in two years. This late into the season, cracks could be showing in the Buccaneers’ armor or they could prove to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Depending on how Brady and the Bucs are doing at this point in the season will play a large role in the Vikings’ odds of walking out of Tampa Bay with a victory, but this team looks dangerous.

For the final home game of the year, the Vikings will host the Chicago Bears. Again, I do not foresee this to be a very exciting game as the Bears look to be trending downwards, but this is still an important game for the Vikings to win going into the tail end of the season.

On the first day of Christmas, the schedule gave to me: A game against New Orleans. The Vikings will visit the Saints on Christmas day to get a rematch of the wild finish in the Wild Card game last postseason where the Vikings beat their interdivisional rival in overtime in New Orleans. This is the most exciting game on the schedule for me, and the best Christmas gift I could receive would be to beat the Saints.

Finally, the Vikings close the season by going to Detroit for the first slate of games in 2021. Hopefully the Vikings have locked up a playoff spot at this point in the season, but a victory against the Lions would go a long way in improving the Vikings’ seeding in the postseason.

Removing any possible alterations due to COVID-19, this looks to be an excellent and exciting group of games for the Vikings in a few months. My predictions for the season are as follows:

W1 vs GB: L

W2 @ IND: W

W3 vs TEN: L

W4 @ HOU: W

W5 @ SEA: L

W6 vs ATL: W


W8 @ GB: W

W9 vs DET: W

W10 @ CHI: W

W11 vs DAL: L

W12: vs CAR: W

W13 vs JAX: W

W14 @ TB: L

W15 vs CHI: W

W16 @ NO: W

W17 @ DET: W

Overall: 11-5, win NFC North

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The Vikings fill needs in 2020 draft


Dylan Krenz-Bertrand

A replica of a ball used in NFL games.

Heading into the 202o NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings were in dire need of talent at multiple positions. After the draft this week, a lot of those issues have been solved.

On the first day of the draft, Minnesota selected WR Justin Jefferson with pick 22 out of LSU and CB Jeff Gladney using pick 31 from TCU. These were the two top needs the Vikings needed to address.

Using the selection they got from the Buffalo Bills from trading Stefon Diggs, they selected his replacement in Justin Jefferson. After leading college football with 111 receptions on the national champion LSU team, Jefferson has the ability to be a huge difference maker in the Minnesota offense.

At 5′ 10″, CB Jeff Gladney is considered undersized by many at his position, but his football IQ and toughness more than make up for it. Compiling 31 tackles, half a sack, an interception, and 14 defended passes last year at TCU, as well as earning an invite to the Senior Bowl and first team all Big-12, Gladney was one of the premier corners in the draft and looks to make an immediate impact on the roster. Most impressively, however, is the fact that Gladney played the entire 2019 season and attended the NFL Combine with a torn meniscus, choosing to delay the surgery until after his drills in Indianapolis.

Ezra Cleveland was the Vikings’ first pick on the second day of the draft. At a freakish 6′ 6″ and 311 pounds, Cleveland has all the measurables that the Vikings have needed for years at the LT position. While most experts think he needs to sit for a year to work on his physicality as a blocker, the Boise State lineman already has the athleticism to be a star at the position, excelling in outside zone runs that the Vikings love to use with Pro-Bowler Dalvin Cook at running back.

Dipping back into the pool of cornerbacks, Cameron Dantzler out of Mississippi State looks to be another great weapon on defense for Mike Zimmer. One of the only corners to give the aforementioned LSU team difficulty this past season, simply refusing to back down against the juggernaut team. He will look to compete for a starting role this year with the team.

DJ Wonnum, the defensive end out of South Carolina, was the first of the Vikings’ three fourth round picks. Wonnum was a captain at South Carolina for two years and has drawn many comparisons to Danielle Hunter, the current star of the Vikings pass rush.

With their next pick, the Vikings decided to take James Lynch, the all time sack leader from Baylor. Lynch needs some time to perfect his technique, but has absolutely no lack of effort and can cause massive disruption in the pocket for opposing quarterbacks.

Using their final fourth round selection, the Vikings took Troy Dye from Oregon. Dye led Oregon in tackles all four years he played there, and was used in college similarly to Anthony Barr, the star LB on the Vikings. Falling farther down the board than most thought, the Vikings got a steal with this pick.

Beginning the fifth round, the Vikings again draft a cornerback with pick 169 in Harrison Hand out of Temple. With this selection, the Vikings have fully replenished their CB room after losing Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes, and Mackenzie Alexander to free agency prior to the draft.

Their next selection was WR KJ Osborn out of Miami. While he will likely be used as a return man, he does provide valuable depth at the receiver position sorely needed after offseason departures Stefon Diggs and Laquon Treadwell. He will also likely take return duties away from cornerback Mike Hughes, who will need to be used more as a result of Minnesota’s personnel turnover on defense.

Starting the sixth round, the Vikings took Blake Brandel, the tackle from Oregon State. Brandel looks to be a developmental piece on the line, something the Vikings have been lacking in recent years. Brandel holds the third longest starting streak in Oregon State history.

With their next pick, the Vikings selected Josh Metellus from Michigan. With a severe lack of depth at the safety position, Metellus is very likely to make the roster and see a decent amount of playing time as a rookie.

To begin their seventh round selections, the Vikings got a high value player in Kenny Willekes from Michigan State. Graded by most as a third or fourth round selection, Minnesota gets a player at the end of the draft that is the school’s leader in tackles for loss. This was graded by most analysts as the Vikings’ best pick of the draft purely for the high value at the spot.

Their next selection was QB Nate Stanley out of Iowa, the Vikings’ first QB taken in the draft since Teddy Bridgewater. Stanley has all the requisite talent at the position, just lacking accuracy. He will compete for a backup role this year on the roster.

With their second to last pick in the draft, Minnesota selected Brian Cole II, the safety from Mississippi State. Cole has lots of versatility, playing safety and linebacker in college and the ability to play cornerback. He also played wide receiver in college for a brief period. He is the second player from Mississippi State taken by the Vikings this draft, along with CB Cameron Dantzler.

With a record setting 15th pick in the draft, the Vikings selected guard Kyle Hinton out of Washburn. He played tackle in college but will need to convert to guard due to his size in the NFL.

With only three selections made to address the decade old need at O-Line, and two of them being late round picks, GM Rick Spielman will likely be criticized for not taking care of this hole. However, he did an excellent job of finding value picks and not giving up any capital to take good players who will contribute to the team.

The new needs at wide receiver and defensive back were addressed early, and the Vikings were able to find incredible value with their picks without moving up the draft board once. They did add some high end talent to the offensive line as well as some developmental pieces to help for the future.

With the sheer amount of talent taken in this draft, the Vikings look to have one of the better draft classes of the year, and hopefully one of the best in recent Vikings memory.

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Don’t cancel your sports provider just yet


Basketball players holding NBA finals trophy

Many people in the world buy what is called the “Sports Package” from your select television provider.  It allows you to get all the sports programs you could have on your television for a fee of however much money it is a month.

But since there are no sports on due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the sports programs are providing something worth watching for viewers so they don’t quit the sports program.  Quitting might make sense because you would be paying money for nothing on those channels. 

BUT the sports program has decided to rerun some of the best sports games in the past decade showing amazing games you wouldn’t see just played on regular cable. They have been playing Super Bowls since four years ago and basketball games from 2010 to help satisfy the viewers and hope that they stick by their side and keep paying for the sports program.

It is a very neat and smart idea for the programs to use to help them keep some of the viewers and still have money coming in for their business. It’s very hard for a program that is based completely around sports to be thriving right now.  It would be hard also to keep bringing in the necessary amount of money to help keep employees on staff and not entirely plummeting to the ground. 



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Orjansen Family Podcast

This is episode one of the podcast I am doing with my family. In this explode I sit down with my mom, Sara Orjansen and discuss how she has been dealing with quarantine and what she is doing to keep herself sane during this pandemic. We also talk about the family and how all her kids are handling these hard times. Please enjoy.

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Goodbye, Stefon


Dylan Krenz-Bertrand

Stefon Diggs in the end zone after scoring a walk off touchdown against the New Orleans Saints on January 14th 2018. This is a picture of the poster that hangs in my room.

funkydunkleman on YouTube

Stefon Diggs was my favorite player on the Minnesota Vikings. His incredible route-running skills and speed coupled with his ability to grab contested catches at will and score every time he touched the ball were my favorite things about him as a player, and I loved his swagger as a person with funny celebrations and an uber-competitive attitude. He was quietly one of the best receivers in football over the past two or three seasons, posting many games with multiple scores and two with three touchdowns, one of which I was in attendance for as a birthday present this past year against the Eagles.

During the course of the 2019-20 season, Diggs began to voice his frustration with the Vikings, primarily the quarterback play of Kirk Cousins by calling him out publicly for his underperformance in games after a humiliating Week 4 loss to Chicago. This opinion was shared by fellow wide receiver Adam Thielen, who noted that teams cannot win games all season by only running the ball, and by the majority of Vikings fans who had seen Cousins come up short in the two games where the team relied on him to score at that point in the season. Luckily for all of us, Kirk seemed to respond to this public criticism by performing at a level not seen before in his career, winning the NFC Offensive Player of the Month in October. He led the team to four straight wins in October and threw for 10 touchdowns to one interception, 1,262 passing yards, a 78.4% completion rate, and a passer rating of 137.1. The issues with Kirk had seemingly gone away overnight after being called out, and the Vikings would end up making their way into the playoffs despite losing three of their last five to end the season with star running back Dalvin Cook being injured for most of December.

Rivalries in the NFL usually are a product of the division teams are in. Classic rivalries like the Packers and Bears, Steelers and Ravens, Cowboys and Eagles, Packers and Vikings, and the Saints and Falcons are all in the same division. Sometimes, though, certain circumstances arise that allow a rivalry to exist outside of a division, and potentially be even stronger. The Patriots and Colts are a prime example, with quarterback Tom Brady squaring off against Peyton Manning and eventually Andrew Luck in many fierce regular season and playoff games. Such has been the case recently for the Vikings and Saints.

Going back to the 2009-2010 playoffs, both the Saints and Vikings finished with the first and second seed in the conference respectively and clobbered their opponent in the divisional round to make it to the conference championship. Even as a first grader at the time, I will never forget this game and its impact on the Vikings as a franchise, and as a microcosm for the Vikings as a whole. Without detailing every excruciating play and event, Brett Favre threw an interception to Tracy Porter within field goal range that set up the game for overtime, whereas if Minnesota had simply run the ball or even taken a knee, a field goal would have likely sent them to the Super Bowl. Instead, the Saints, who were somehow only tied with the Vikings at the time despite recovering four turnovers from the Vikings, won the coin toss in overtime and marched down the field to kick a game winning field goal to send the Vikings home without touching the ball and the Saints to the Super Bowl where they eventually beat the Colts.

To begin the following season, league rules changed requiring a touchdown in an overtime playoff game to win on the first possession to help both teams touch the ball, which was very helpful to the Vikings who finished 6-10 the following season, well outside of a playoff spot. At least the Saints got some karmic revenge. Thanks, Marshawn.

A couple years later revealed that the Saints had been paying their defensive players to injure opposing quarterbacks during their Super Bowl run which resulted in hefty fines, draft picks being taken away, and coaches suspended for a couple seasons. They were very successful at this task, shown here against legendary quarterback Kurt Warner.

This bitter taste would be left in Vikings fans’ mouths for nearly a decade as they waded in mediocrity for the better portion of the 2010s, making the playoffs in the 2015-16 season where they lost to Seattle in another painful play in Minnesota sports history. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was looking like a promising, franchise player until his knee exploded on a non-contact drill in training camp, which set the Vikings back another couple years as they gave up their first round pick for Sam Bradford whose knee was injured in a non-contact play a year later in the opening game against the Saints, ushering in backup QB Case Keenum for the remainder of the 2017-18 season.

He would lead the Vikings to a 12-3 record, coupled with the opening day win aganst New Orleans, secured the Vikings a spot in the playoffs as the #2 seed and a first round bye. Their first opponent in the playoffs would be the New Orleans Saints. After jumping out to a 17-0 lead at halftime, the Saints came roaring back. With about three minutes left in the game, the Saints held a 21-20 lead after a blocked punt led to a touchdown pass. After 2:50 had passed, and all hope from Vikings fans everywhere had been sucked out of their bodies as all of them had seen something similar too many times before, something amazing happened.

What? The Vikings did that?

Yes, they did. Undoubtably the greatest moment in Vikings history happened that day, and they went on to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium, vanquishing all of their past demons and finally, finally providing the title the team and their fans had been looking for for over 50 years.

Or that’s how I’d write the rest of the season in a book.

The Vikings got smoked by the Eagles the following week and watched as the Patriots and Eagles dueled it out in their own stadium only to have the Eagles win their first Super Bowl. But at least we got revenge on the Saints, and Diggs signed a 5 year contract extension with the team during the offseason

The next year, the Vikings signed quarterback Kirk Cousins to put them over the hump and proceeded to miss the playoffs by one game against a Bears team that had nothing to play for in the last game of the season, leading to some controversy at the position, but they returned the next year, last season, with a 10-6 record. The Vikings had to play the Saints once again. As per tradition, the game came down to the last seconds. The Vikings won the coin toss and drove downfield on an amazing pass to Adam Thielen, and then a pass to Kyle Rudolph to seal the game without the Saints touching the ball because Minnesota scored a touchdown instead of a field goal.

Diggs was visibly frustrated during the win, as he didn’t touch the ball very much in the game. The following week, he scored the only touchdown in a loss to the 49ers. Rumors had been floating around that Diggs wanted out of Minnesota before that season, as well as this current offseason. He finally got his wish as he was traded to Buffalo a couple days ago for a haul of draft picks.

Diggs has had some very memorable moments in his career as a Minnesota Viking, and he was my favorite player for several years. I will never forget his contributions to the organization as a whole and the memories he created for myself and Vikings fans across the world. Thanks for your time here, and may you have success in Buffalo.

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Sabre Swimming takes on State


Team photo

The Sabre swim team rocked the state swimming tournament this weekend at the University of Minnesota. 

The season has definitely been one to remember as the team went undefeated for the whole season.  In the tournaments, they went undefeated in one and in the Maroon and Gold tournament they took home first place out of 12 teams. They also took third in the true team state which is one of the biggest meets in for Minnesota beside the state meet. 

 During sections, they beat Alexandria which was one of the more difficult teams for them to beat.  Earlier in the season, they tied them 87-87. 

When asked about sections Junior Jack Thomas said, “This year has been one of the best we’ve ever had and sections were one of the best meets we’ve had as a team.  Now we just have to look forward to the state meet.” 

At state, the swim team took third in the state with Breck and St. Thomas taking the first and second place. The state swimmers this year consisted of Jack Thomas, Carter Larson, Brannon Bjork, Cooper Larson, Garret Maras, Beau Garman, George Larson, and David Binsfield.

This season has been one that is going to be remembered. We were undefeated, we took third in the state, as well as the chemistry that’s on the team and the brotherhood that has been made.”

— Junior, Garrett Maras

According to all of the boys, they all said that “Everyone got along with each other, and we were able to do what we set out to do and what we wanted to accomplish.”

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Sabre wrestling falls short to St. Cloud Tech in Sections


Maiah Cameron

The Sabre wrestling team has worked hard all season.

The Sartell Sabres Wrestling Team looked to move forward with their season Friday, Feb. 14th as they battled against the St. Cloud Tech Tigers.

The Sartell Sabres earned the 5th seed in sections due to their section and regular season record. They traveled to St. Cloud Tech, the 4th team in the section, as they wrestled to see who is going home and who got another chance to travel to the Minnesota state wrestling meet.

The Sabres came into the meet with a 11-7 regular season record. In their meeting this season, Sartell trumped the Tigers 39-36. The Sabres were led by senior Sam Fernholz.  He is 35-5 this season and has a total has 120 wins throughout his high school career.

The Sabres are a very young team. They have many juniors and sophomores wrestling for their varsity team. There is a lot to look forward to for the Sartell Sabres in the near future. The Sabres won a lot of close meets this season and also lost a lot of close meets. They were a very well balanced team but are also missing some pieces.

Their season was very fun and filled with lots of growth and success just fell short of the ultimate goal of a State Tournament Bid. The Sabres lost to St Cloud Tech.  Individual sections were Saturday, February 22nd. 


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Sabres pick up two wins to end regular season


The Sartell Sabres battled the St. Cloud Tech Tigers on Monday, February 24 at 7 pm. The Sabres came into the game with a record of 14-9 sitting at 4th in the section while the Tech Tigers came in with a 3-20 record sitting at 8th in the section.  The game was held at Sartell High School.

The Sabres played a great offensive game led by great ball movement and great teamwork; the Sabres had four players in double-figure points.  The Sabres were led in scoring by Gus Gunderson with 22 points, Mason Lund with 16 points, Matt Sieben with 12 points, and Jacob Bejelland with 12 points. 

Sartell played a very two-sided game Friday night against the Rocori Spartans on February 28th. The Sabres had a different feel for the game because it was also senior night. The Sabres congratulated the seniors for all of their hard work and leadership through their high school basketball careers.

As far as the game went, the team came out flat and found themselves down 1-11 to start the game. After that, they kind of found their rhythm but that didn’t stop the Spartans from hitting big shots. The Sabres were down by 13 at the half.  They found themselves down by 17 at one point in the second half, and then they chipped back and kept fighting and finally came out on top of a gritty Rocori Spartans basketball team. The Sabres were lead by Gus Gunderson who scored 22 points. The final score was 59-52, Sartell won.

The Sabres will host the Sauk Rapids Storm Tuesday for a chance to keep fighting or a chance to be sent home. The game starts at 8 pm at Sartell High School. 


About the Writer
Photo of Dominic Hagy
Dominic Hagy, Journalist

Dominic Hagy is a senior at Sartell High School. He plays basketball and football for the Sartell Sabres. His favorite Netflix series is Daybreak because...

Triumphant boys’ swim & dive team rolls into Sections


Jack Thomas

The boys' swimming team celebrates their victory and like being a cohesive team.

The powerhouse Sabre Boys’ Swim & Dive team ended the 2019-20 regular season with zero losses.

Their record for the season is 7-0-1. They have not lost a single dual meet. It was also notable that the team took first at the True Team Section meet. 

When asked how the team’s morale is going into Conference and Sections, junior Jack Thomas stated, “It couldn’t be better. We are very excited!” 

One of the things the swimmers love is hearing their fans cheer them on.  Unfortunately, not too many student spectators visit during meets, but the swimmers sure would love it if more would. 

Senior captain Cooper Larson shared, “I think we should be getting more student fans at our meets because other sports with less wins do.”

The team has been swimming hard after school and even before school some days. At practice, the boys focus on their main strokes, but have to practice it all. 

Cooper expressed pride for his team this season. “It’s one of the best seasons the team has had in awhile. We have all been working hard.” 

The team has bonded and made some good memories this season. There have been many highlights in and out of the pool. 

Jack stated, “My favorite memory from this season is getting third at True Team State.” 

The team competed at True Team State at the University of Minnesota on January 25th. 

Cooper shared that his favorite memory was “last year at state when we took second.” The boys hope the team can be as successful as last year, if not more successful. 

In any individual event or relay, the top three finishers at the Section meet in Morris will  qualify for state. The state meet will take place at the University of Minnesota. Cooper and Jack both agree that Sartell has a good shot at making an appearance at state this year. 

Go show support for the Sartell boys swim team at their Section meet on Friday, February 23rd at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria!


About the Contributor
Photo of Lauren Wensel
Lauren Wensel, Journalist

Lauren Wensel is a junior at Sartell High School. Her favorite subject is English, and she enjoys reading and playing sports in her free time. Her current...

Sabre Wrestling takes second place at Paynesville


Sam Fernholz

Sartell Varsity wrestling team for the year 2019-2020 school year

Varsity wrestling takes 2nd place at Paynesville area H.S in an invitational.  Sartell had a total point of 189. Sartell had 17 placers and 7 wrestlers made it to the championship match. 8th grader, Ayden Frauenholtz finished in second place. Sophomore Spencer Johnson took second as well falling to the first ranked wrestler in class A. Dutch Nordby won his first varsity tournament with two tech falls and a pin in the finals.  Junior, Aidan Toivola recorded his first varsity win along with sophomore, Will Budge.

I think personally I’m doing pretty well this year. ”

— Larkin Lang

Team Scores

1: Belgrade- Brooten-Elrosa- 220.5

2: Sartell-Saint Stephen- 189.5

3: Paynesville Area- 138

4: Holdingford- 131

5: Milaca-Faith Christian- 126

6: Eden Valley-Watkins- 114

I believe the team is like a family this year.”

— Dylan Enriquez

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Photo of Emma Gent
Emma Gent, Journalist

Emma Gent is a senior at Sartell high school and is 17 years old. Her plans after high school are to attend Moorhead State University to major in photography...

Photo of Abby Aizcorbe
Abby Aizcorbe, Journalist

Abby is a senior at Sartell High School, she is 17 years old. Her celebrity crush is Ansel Elgort, and if she could steal anything it'd be a bunch of puppies....

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