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Trump's Impeachment
Ian Otteson, Writer • January 18, 2021

Few presidents have ever been impeached by Congress in our well over 200 year history, but Donald Trump is the first ever to be impeached twice. After his act of sedition...

Pathways 4 Youth foundation for the homeless is a local program working to end youth homelessness.
Pathways 4 youth
January 18, 2021
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Winter Activities- Ice Skating
Winter Activities- Ice Skating
Kendal Coffin and Garrett Maras January 18, 2021

Ice Skating in Minnesota is a very popular recreational activity during the winter months. This year especially there have been lots more people going out and playing pondy...

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The Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota will soon host the Wild
NHL opens new season on January 13
Michael Webster, Journalist • January 18, 2021

The National Hockey League (NHL) finally opened up their 2021 season after the previous season ended on September 30, 2020. There were no fans allowed at any of the games,...

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Mary on the Mic podcast enjoys talking about life and the experiences that come with it.
Mary on the Mic
Mary Eichler, Journalist • January 18, 2021

This episode of Mary on the Mic features my friend, Sartell senior, Adyn Larson. We discuss eighteen lessons we have learned since turning eighteen. Throughout the podcast,...

Sartell's Spotify Wrapped
January 15, 2021
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It's Never A Bad Time For Cookie Decorations!!
Danielle Giguere, Journalist • January 18, 2021

Even though the holiday season has passed, there's never a time where baking and decorating cookies aren't enjoyable. You may wonder what fun activities there are left to...

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