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Alyssa Gehrke
Alyssa Gehrke


Alyssa Gehrke is a senior at Sartell High School. If she could steal one thing, it would be cartons of cheesecake ice-cream.  After high school, she would like to go to college to become a first-grade teacher. For the LeSabre, she looks forward to interviewing people and writing about it.

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Ping Pong Club / 60 Second Docs

Kaden Garcia, Journalist | May 2, 2018

 Adam Magarian/Ryan Gigere SHS Ping Pong Club Growing up, ping pong was something that always brought Eric Minnerath and TJ Raden's families closer together. But by founding the SHS ping pong club they are able to bring together a new kind of family. .  .  . Life one minute at a time. This series of short documentaries provides a new look into Sartell High School's characters,...

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Sabre track and field take on True Team Sections

May 10, 2019

On Tuesday, May 7th the Track and Field team competed at True Team Sections in Brainerd. This meet was scored uniquely as to display the depth of the team. Every athlete scores points no matter what place they get. For example, if there were 20 runners in a race, first place would get 20 points, second place would get 19 points, and so on. The team showed off their skills in all of their events....

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