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Sophomore Andrew Berndt and Junior Gavin OConnell grin excitedly as they finish up Saturday practice, which is the most anticipated day of the week.
Last Sabre In
Felix Henning, Journalist • September 28, 2023
This years homecoming game drew a large crowd at Riverview Stadium.
Alexandria hands Sabres homecoming loss
Wesley Johnson, Journalist • September 25, 2023
The 2023 US Open took place August 28-September 10, at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.
US Open Recap
Wesley Johnson, Journalist • September 17, 2023
The Minnesota Vikings start of the 2023-2024 season 0-1
Minnesota Vikings lose in home opener
Gavin Potthoff, Journalist • September 13, 2023
Recent Sports Results
Twin Talk - episode 4: The school lunch program
Casey Johnson and Deni Johnson March 21, 2023
Twin Talk - episode 3: Farm vs City life
Casey Johnson and Deni Johnson March 20, 2023
These restaurants have been hidden from usual eye.
Unground grub options in the area
Piper Olsen, Journalist • March 16, 2023
Thank you to the biggest inspiration I have in my life.
A thank you letter to my favorite person
Kyra Falk, Journalist • March 9, 2023
Crumbl Cookies of the week
Crumbl Cookies of the week
Kaitlyn Rieland, Journalist • March 9, 2023
There are many benefits of driving and it can possibly help keep your mental health positive.
Is driving good for your mental health?
Ben Cihlar, Journalist • March 8, 2023
Graduation Countdown
Congratulation Seniors
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are possibly starting a new romance. Lets hope for the best!
Taylor Swift's next possible love interest
Elizabeth Jarnot, Journalist • September 29, 2023

After Travis Kelce extended an invite to Taylor Swift, she was seen in attendance at the Kansas City...

A bird and sea lion sitting together on a rock, unaware of the transmission of Avain Influenza between their species.
Scientists fear outcomes of the Bird Flu spreading from mammal to mammal
Hadley E.J. Monson , Journalist • April 5, 2023

A sea lion that appeared dead on the coastline of Chepeconde, Peru, was found still alive, but infected...

The red tide is destroying marine life on the coast of Florida.
The red tide has awful repercussions
Ashlyn Swanson, Journalist • March 24, 2023

The red tide is talking over the Atlantic ocean by the coast of Florida, ruining vacations with its effects. Red...

Rare tornado hits Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 23, 2023.
Rare tornado hits Los Angeles
Reese Kloetzer March 24, 2023

On Wednesday March 23, 2023, a city southeast of Los Angeles was hit by a rare tornado, causing injuries...

The men broke out of jail using a modified toothbrush.
Two men escape jail in Virginia with toothbrush
Emily Gerdes, Journalist • March 24, 2023

On Monday, March 20, 2023 two men by the names of John M. Garza and Arley V. Nemo managed to crawl their...

7 injured when struck by 2 light rail trains near U.S. Bank Stadium
7 injured when struck by 2 light rail trains near U.S. Bank Stadium
Ben Cihlar, Journalist • March 22, 2023

Seven people were injured after two light rail trains struck a vehicle just outside the U.S. Bank Stadium....

Many hunters set up cameras in the woods to scout out the deer that are existing in the woods where they want to hunt.
Early season deer hunting tactics
Gavin Potthoff, Journalist • September 29, 2023
Elizabeth was feeling mid today, so she decided to read her dictionary upside down to spice it up this week,
Sartell Slang: Part 33
Elizabeth Jarnot, Journalist • September 29, 2023
Zach and Allison took pictures at St Marys Cathedral before their junior prom.
Sartell Sweethearts: Zach and Allison
Tony Colatrella, Journalist • September 28, 2023
The Janskys are a local family who are involved in multiple activities. (Jenna, Ben, Stacy, Jace, Jaden, Jessa, and Jake)
Siblings of Sartell: The Janskys
Zachary Swanson, Journalist • September 28, 2023
Ava Kampa and the whole school were getting pumped up before the hoco game with a cut out of Principal Kusler.
Sartell senior spirit
Riley Kloetzer, Journalist • September 27, 2023
Cloud 9 Energy Bowls fruit/Acái in Waite Park Minnesota.
Cloud 9 Energy Bowls: a healthy alternative to fast food
Morgan Gill and Bailey Diebel September 27, 2023
One of H&Ms locations full of shoppers buying the popular and trendy fast fashion styles.
Fast Fashion: how it affects the environment and how to avoid it
Hadley E.J. Monson , Journalist • April 6, 2023
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