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Sabres fall to the Spuds after a back and forth showdown


Angie Heckman

The volleyball team and coaches celebrating after huge victory in the sections semifinals against Alexandria.

After a successful season the Sartell Sabres volleyball team lost the section finals game to the Moorhead Spuds. The Sabres finishing with a record of 26-2, lost in four sets. The team played well and excelled on the court all season long.

The team consisted of Hope Grasswick, Avery Templin, Maya Workman, Morgan Vosberg, Elizabeth Dille, Paige Mackenthun, Taylor Vos, Kaylee Oehrlein, Cali Keller, Gretta Mahowald, Katelyn Hammer, Courtney Snoberger, and Faith Wettstein.

Senior Paige Mackenthun said, “This season was unforgettable.”

The future for Sartell Volleyball is looking good according to Paige, “I think they’re gonna be really successful because there are a lot of returning players, and a lot of really good players, and a lot of really young players.”

Senior Cali Keller said, “We were such a strong team because we have all been playing together for a long time.  It helped build such a strong connection with each other.”

The students in the crowd would agree they were more than just teammates. It was clear on the court that they were friends working together to make the win happen. Cali said she will take away the positivity and the best friends she made with her seven years of playing this sport.

Coach Hornseth and Coach Smith are beyond proud of these girls. All of their hard work paid off. Coach Smith said she feels awesome after this season, “They were an awesome group to be in the gym with.”

She also mentioned how amazing the team chemistry was. “They created everything you guys saw.  Their chemistry was unbelievable; they worked so well together. They came into the gym wanting to get better every single day.”

Coach Smith is super excited for next year.  She asked during the interview, “Can we start tomorrow?”

She would also love to rewind and redo this season because of all the fun the team shared. Coach Smith and Coach Hornseth cannot thank the seniors enough: “They were awesome; they will be super hard to replace.  Thank you ladies.”

They came into the gym wanting to get better every single day.”

— Coach Smith

Sartell High School is beyond proud of every girl on the team.  They finished with a phenomenal season. A huge congratulations to Coach Hornseth, Coach Smith, and the girls on the team.


The court is in session!


Janine Grasswick

SHS Senior Hope Grasswick, libero, gets ready to send a serve flying over the net.

With an overall record of 25-1, the Sartell High School varsity volleyball team is focusing on staying positive as they make their way through playoffs. The team is heading to Section finals in Alexandria to play Moorhead, the fans are very hopeful that they make it all the way to state. Senior Hope Grasswick is the libero and has been since freshman year, which means that she focuses on the back row and passing the ball so it can be set then hit. 

The team has been doing well this year compared to other years where they usually get taken down by Sauk Rapids. The volleyball team has been receiving a lot of recognition for many accomplishments such as Junior Elizabeth Dille completing 1,000 kills in her position. 

When asked if the volleyball team gets the recognition they deserve, Grasswick said: “I definitely do this year. I feel like especially just because we have been doing so well and so I think that there’s a lot of recognition that has gone towards our team.” 

[Receiving the spotlight] is great since they have been working their butts off.”

— Hope Grasswick on her teammates

Grasswick has been playing volleyball since 5th grade and has been devoted to the sport ever since growing up and playing volleyball with her older sisters. The team values teamwork and making sure that they are playing for a team and not themselves. 

Grasswick stated that the most important thing to remember on the court is “It’s just that you are playing for a team and not for yourself.   You can’t be selfish with volleyball because in my position I pass the ball so it can be set and that somebody can get a kill.”

With the season coming to an end within the next month, the seniors are filled with hope that they make it to state and finish the season off strong. 

Grasswick doesn’t plan on playing volleyball in college because she thinks that “It would be a really big commitment and I think it would be hard for me to focus on school if I do go for nursing.” 

Finishing off her senior year on the volleyball team Grasswick stated that she is “thankful and very grateful because I have been playing with these girls since 6th grade, so I just feel like we have really become a really close-knit group of girls. I think that’s why we are so successful, so I think that it’s going to be really hard to leave them.” 

Grasswick also stated that once she is graduated “I can’t wait to come back and watch the girls next year and see how they do.” 

About the Writer
Photo of Lauren Sip
Lauren Sip, Journalist

Lauren Sip is a senior at Sartell High School and is 17 years old. If she could be BFFs with any celebrity it would have to be A$AP Rocky. If she could...

Volleyball advances to section final showdown


Janine Grasswick

The Sartell Volleyball team congrats Elizabeth Dille on her 1000 career kills while on varsity

Tuesday night at Sartell High School the Sabre volleyball team defeated the Alexandria Cardinals three sets to zero. The Sabres won set one with a score of 25-14, set two with 25-16 win, and set three with a score of 25-17.  The Sabre volleyball team hasn’t made it to section finals since 1976.  That year they also went to the state volleyball tournament.

Elizabeth Dille led the way with 22 kills and an ace to top it off. Senior Gretta Mahowald commented on some of the keys to last night’s success saying, “We played together well; it was a team effort.” When asked about the upcoming game Saturday she said “We need to prepare for everything…. we haven’t played them yet this year.”

Teammate Faith Wettstein shared that Coach Hornseth advised the girls just keep doing what they are doing because it’s working.

[We need to] play the same…we shouldn’t change to anything new.”

— Faith Wettstein on her goal for Saturday's game

The players are excited about how the season has gone so far and nervous about this weekend. When asked about it, player Morgan Vosberg explained that Tuesday night was a long one for her.  She ended the interview jokingly by saying “Sleep is for the weak.”

Did I sleep at all last night? No, I didn’t sleep well last night.”

— Morgan Vosberg

The section final will take place Saturday. With the win on Tuesday, they will now face off against Moorhead at Alexandria High School at 7 pm.

The video below was created by SHS junior Ava Williams.

Ava Williams
About the Writer
Photo of Matthew Sieben
Matthew Sieben, Journalist

Matthew Sieben is a senior at Sartell High School. After high school he plans to go to college to become a teacher. His celebrity crush is and always will...

Sabres prepare for potential playoff run


Mollie Gunderson

Sabre seniors celebrate their first round victory last Friday night.

The Sabre volleyball team really has had an almost perfect season this year. With an overall record of 24-1, they are sitting atop the section and have a bye in the first round of the playoffs. This past weekend the team had a home tournament where they defeated Waseca in two sets by a score of 25-22, 25-17.  The team finished with four wins and no losses.

Junior Elizabeth Dille made a big announcement this weekend. She made her commitment to play Division I volleyball at The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

When asked why she chose that school she says, “It feels like home; I went to a camp there and visited and I really liked the coaches and players.”

Friday night she also recorded her 1,000th career kill. The team prevailed in a three-set match against Sauk Rapids by a score of 25-12, 25-23, and 25-16.

Elizabeth agreed to comment on the game saying “The playoff win felt great.  We knew it was anyone’s game going in and that we had to play hard.”

The Sabres will take on the Alexandria Cardinals in the section 8AAA semi-finals on Tuesday night at Sartell High School for a chance at the section final.

About the Contributor
Photo of Matthew Sieben
Matthew Sieben, Journalist

Matthew Sieben is a senior at Sartell High School. After high school he plans to go to college to become a teacher. His celebrity crush is and always will...

Sabre volleyball off to hot start


Matthew Sieben

Head Volleyball Coach Sarah Hornseth is proud of her team and what they've accomplished so far this season.

The Sartell Volleyball team is off to a hot start this season, and Coach Sarah Hornseth agreed to talk about it. She is ecstatic about the new gym.  She loves the air conditioning, the scoreboard, and she likes the fact that the gym is more spread out and offers more court space for practice.

There have been many great moments for the Sabres this year but Hornseth’s favorite moments include the tournament they won last weekend and the first home win against Brainerd. She says, “The student section was great, our girls played really well, so that was really fun.”

When asked about the key to success this season Coach Hornseth praised her players saying, “They come in and work hard, they know that even though they have had success so far this year, they still have things that they can get better at.”

A typical practice day for the girls’ volleyball team starts with a quick warm-up followed by serve/receive work, which is a big part of their practice. They also like to work on game-like situations to wrap up the day. Coach Hornseth says her best quality as a coach is “getting people to work together.” She couldn’t do it alone; she gives credit to the rest of the team by saying that by “surrounding myself with other good coaches and good student athletes makes all of us look like we know what’s going on.”

Coach also touches on the qualities her team possesses that have made the season so successful thus far. Physically the talent is there. The team has players who can play multiple positions, terminate the ball, and players who can keep the ball alive on defense. She states, “We are pretty well rounded, so physically that makes us hard to beat.”

She really appreciates the student section, which is hands down the best in the CLC. She loves how it brings a ton of energy to the team, which in turn makes the team play better.

About the Contributor
Photo of Matthew Sieben
Matthew Sieben, Journalist

Matthew Sieben is a senior at Sartell High School. After high school he plans to go to college to become a teacher. His celebrity crush is and always will...

Tarah on tennis


Emma Rasmussen

A small group of the girls tennis team (From left to right, Isabel Gugger, 12, Kellie Loscheider, 12, Maddie Goetz, 12, Maggie Kulus, 12)

Tarah Rosendahl is a Sartell High School Senior and a three year member of the girls’ tennis team at Sartell.

Tarah says she primarily played doubles during her time on the team and had several different partners.

Tarah generally enojoyed that atmosphere of tennis in comparison to other school sponsored sports saying, “Practices were always fun, lots of jokes and stuff… I didn’t take it very seriously … but the best part was getting to know everybody.”

Tarah says that while she doesn’t plan to continue her tennis career into college, but the camaraderie is something she will never forget saying, “There’s a wide variety of people from different grades or sports or friend groups that you’d never thought you’d get along with, but we all connected and bonded.”

Tarah  says that one of the best parts about tennis was her ability to have a balanced life while still in sports saying, “It was easy to balance with school because we all did homework together at meets and practices.”

Now as a senior, and with Tarah’s last season behind her, she says the number one thing she will miss is “definitely the people.”

About the Contributor
Emma Rasmussen, Journalist

Emma Rasmussen is a senior at Sartell High School. She has an affinity for the arts, such as writing and painting. Her favorite musicians are Elton John,...

SHS Diving: not what it seems

Sartell’s diving team is an incredibly unique team that deserves to be recognized.

The team consists of mostly gymnasts and a couple of very brave non-gymnasts. However, the most interesting thing about the team is that both the middle school and high school teams practice on the same board.

Claire Bruland and Sartell diving coach Nicole Thull

If you remember Sartell’s middle school pool, it only consists of four lanes. In order for the divers to be able to enter the pool safely, one of the lane lines has to be removed, resulting in a larger space that is technically two lanes. Because one of the lane lines has to be removed, the middle schoolers aren’t able to practice in their own pool; there is no room for them. For this reason, they have to walk to the high school every day for practice.

Sartell’s diving coach, Nicole Thull, has been coaching divers from Sartell and Tech for many years. This year was a record for Nicole because between the high school and middle school divers, she coached 15 girls all on the same board.

This year, I decided to interview some of the middle school girls on the diving team to compare their experiences to my own. As a senior, I have the power of seniority, but as a middle schooler, the power of seniority hardly exists. I thought it would be interesting to see what they thought of being with teammates as much as five years older than them.

Pullquote Photo

It doesn’t matter, I just always think of how I’m here for a reason, and I’m supposed to be there because I worked hard for it.”

— Kaelin Coffin

When I was in middle school, I couldn’t look high schoolers in the eye, so I just wanted to mention how brave these girls are for stepping out of their comfort zones. I interviewed Hailey Westrup, an eighth-grader diving varsity, Caeley Anderson, a seventh-grader diving for the middle school team, Gretta Johnson, an eighth-grader diving junior varsity, and Kaelin Coffin, a seventh-grader diving junior varsity.

This year was every middle school diver’s first or second year of diving, none of them had any prior diving experience outside of the Sartell program, and no girls are currently participating in club diving outside of the Sartell program. However, all of the girls I interviewed had previously practiced or are currently practicing gymnastics as well.

Pullquote Photo

I really like spending time with all of my teammates and I think just the experience of getting to go to all of the meets and practice every day is super fun.”

— Hailey Westrup

When asked what the best part of diving on the high school team was, almost all of the girls responded that it was being with their teammates, or being able to see the success of their teammates and learn from it. Kaelin’s favorite part was watching her friends nail new dives.

Almost all of the girls agreed that it’s very scary to compete with girls that are significantly older than them, even as much as five years older, but some said that it pushed them even harder to try to get bigger and better dives, as illustrated in Kaelin’s quote.

The general consensus with everyone is that they truly enjoy their older teammates and their teammates that are the same age they are. The girls enjoy being able to learn lessons from their older teammates and are excited to start high school.

Reproduced with Permission
The Sartell and Sauk Rapids Swim and Dive teams
About the Contributor
Claire Bruland, Journalist

Claire is a senior at Sartell High School. She participates in diving in the fall and is the captain of the color guard in the spring. She works at Hollister...

Girls swim team represents Sartell at state meet


Nicole Lindmeier

The team smiles together after their final meet at the University of Minnesota pool.

The Sabres took 4th out of 42 teams competing at the meet; they swam and dove at the legendary U of M aquatic center. They competed at prelims on November 14th and 15th, and slide into a 4th place finish at finals which occurred on November 16th.

The state team was composed of 15 swimmers and divers, 10 participants and 5 alternates. The athletes are as followed: Abby Weber, Darah Coleman, Emma Yao, Faith Akervik, Hailey Westrup, Heidi Lenarz, Holly Lenarz, Janie Martin, Jes Lemke, Kristin Martens, Lauren Lindmeier, Lauryn Kramer, Liberty Johnson, Maddie Hedlund, and Sara Hennemann.

Erich Martens
The team smiles in their matching pullovers

With a school-wide state sendoff, the girls were ready to compete and left early Wednesday morning ready to make their school proud.

Diving prelims went well as Jes Lemke had a 28th place finish and Abby Weber advanced to diving finals.

Erich Martens
The senior swims 200 freestyle for her final time at the U of M.

Thursday the stage was set for an epic day of preliminary swims. The goal on day one is to advance to day two. A swimmer must be in the top sixteen in order to make finals, with top eight earning a medal.

All the swimmers made it to state finals and they were excited. The medley relay was seeded 4th, the 200 free relay was seeded 8th, and the 400 free relay was seeded 6th. Each relay was placed to medal!

I was really proud of the girls, my favorite part was the team bond, the cheering, the laughs…”

— Sue Sathre, head coach


The medley relay ended up taking 3rd place and placed the highest out of the team’s three relays. They dropped time and it set a new school record. The medley set up the meet to be an exciting day.

The relay team smiles with their medals.

Junior, Libery Johnson said, “My favorite part was looking up after finishing and seeing our relay team jumping up and down… I knew we had set a record and that was exciting.”

Heidi Lenarz received an 8th place medal in the 200 individual medley. Abby Weber placed 14th after diving finals. The team was ready for the second half.

Nicole Lindmeier
The state team poses together.

Senior, Darah Coleman got 6th in the 100 fly, with an impressive swim. The 200 free relay placed 7th and moved up one place. Darah Coleman placed 2nd in the 100 breaststroke, with an All-American consideration time. The 400 free relay got 4th place, which helped establish the team’s overall finish in 4th.



The state meet was filled with many highs and lows; the state team had a close bond and is sad to see the season end.

Erich Martens
Kristin, a senior, takes in a happy moment after the 400 free relay.

Kristin Martens gave us her final remarks on the state meet, “I am really going to miss it (swimming), the team was incredible and our friendships made it especially great… I really loved my time on the team and was happy to end with a happy experience, my final state meet”.

About the Contributor
Lauren Lindmeier, Journalist

Meet Lauren Lindmeier! She is a 17 year old senior here at Sartell High School. Lauren spends most of her time at school and is usually running late (high...

Five Sabre runners qualify for state


Eddie Hamilton

Sophmore runner Ingrid Buiceag-Arama poses for a picture the week before the state meet.

Sabre girls Ingrid Buiceag-Arama, Hannah Spoden and Sabre boys Nicholas Buiceag-Arama, Zachary Harren and Mitiku Nies all qualified for the State Cross Country meet on Saturday, November 3rd at St. Olaf College.

Sophomore Ingrid Buiceag-Arama will be making her 4th appearance at the state meet. Ingrid said, “I am looking forward to competing against the best in the state and going for a personal record.” At last year’s state meet, she placed 28th with a time of 19:01 as a freshman.

“Last year was fun but I still feel like I have work to do, and I want to do my best at the state meet.” With this being Ingrid only being a sophomore and having run at the state course three times prior she feels confident: “The past three years have helped me master the course and have also helped me to relax and chill a little bit on race day.”

Lastly she told me:

I’m very proud of my teammates, and I’m ready for one last hoorah with brother.”

— Ingrid Buiceag-Arama

Come to watch the boys and girls run Saturday, November 3rd at St. Olaf College the boy’s race is as at 10:00 am and girl’s race starts at 11:00 am.


About the Writer
Eddie Hamilton, Journalist

Eddie is a family man... He loves to have fun with his friends and bum around the town. He is a Senior at Sartell High School and an avid learner. This...

Matt Sieben wins this week’s football MVP


Hannah Bjelland

Matt Sieben, junior at Satell High School, smiling after finding out he's this week's football MVP.

On the night of Sartell’s last home football game of the season, Matt Sieben earned MVP of this week for leading the team.

“Matt filled in for Ryan when he got injured, and he did an amazing job leading the team for his first time,” Ryan Hauge said as he shared why Matt should be this week’s MVP.

“It’s cool, it’s just a really cool feeling to be earn MVP,” Matt says excitedly when he finds out he was chosen for this week’s most valuable player.

We asked Matt who he thought the MVP was for this week and he said, “ I would have to choose Cole Fibranz because he made around 15 tackles in the game and he just gets the job done on the field.”

About the Contributor
Photo of Hannah Bjelland
Hannah Bjelland, Journalist

This is Hannah Bjelland. She is a seventeen year old senior at Sartell High School. Hannah's plans after high school are to attend college at North Dakota...

This week’s football MVP: Jacob Bjelland


Hannah Bjelland

Jacob Bjelland smiling as he found out he was MVP.

Jacob Bjelland, the Sartell tight end, wins this week’s football MVP showing great leadership and determination at the game against the Sauk Rapid’s homecoming last Friday.

Jacob was especially noticed for what Brody O’Hara, Jacob’s teammate, says is “being willing to play defense even though he is originally offense.”

When asked how he felt about being chosen the MVP, Jacob stated, “I just feel really honored and I’m thankful that people noticed me for my dedication and hard work on the field that night.”

“If I could choose somebody else as the MVP, I would choose Brody O’Hara because he went out there and played with a broken wrist and fingers, ignoring the pain that he could have,” Jacob says proudly.

Sabres woes continue in loss to the Spuds

FINAL: Moorhead Spuds 37 - 18 Sartell Sabres


Hunter Boelz

Sartell Sabres vs Moorhead Spuds

On a snowy and rainy Friday night up in the Red River Valley, a battle commenced between the Sartell Sabres and the Moorhead Spuds. Both teams entered that game winless up to this point in the season, but both were looking to change that.

The game started slowly with both teams facing a multitude of difficulties playing in the wet conditions. Turnovers were abundant and both teams would lose the ball within the first five minutes of the game, but Moorhead took advantage of a Sartell interception and turned it into points.

Down 8-0 the Sabres looked to bounce back and they did just that on the next drive which was capped by a Cody Lantis touchdown with 2:08 remaining in the 1st quarter. The 1st quarter would end 8-7 with a slight edge to the Spuds.

The 2nd quarter was another slow quarter which featured a lot of back and forth movement of the ball by both teams. Eventually, the Sabres would strike on a long catch by receiver Dominic Hagy which would push the Sabres into field goal range. The drive was capped by a 34-yard field goal by Adam Magarian.

Hunter Boelz

Seemingly the 2nd quarter looked to end with a score of 10-8 with Sartell in the lead but a quick three and out stop followed by a bad punt by Moorhead set the Sabres up to score again. Quarterback Ryan Giguere continued to show his running success by rushing into the end zone for a 5-yard touchdown which set the Sabres up 8-17 at the half.

Coming out of the half, the Sabres were looking to maintain the same momentum that they had in the first half of play, but Moorhead had other ideas. Moorhead would take the opening drive of the 3rd quarter to the house and would be down by only 1 point midway through the 3rd quarter. Sartell looked to rebound and revive the momentum they had before the half but they could not stop Moorhead. Sartell would throw an interception on their next drive and Moorhead capitalized to retake the lead (22-17) with 3:30 to go in the 3rd quarter.

After that pick, Moorhead never took their foot off the gas and kept playing aggressively to maintain their lead. Running back Riley Schock of the Spuds, took the ball to the house on a 40-yard run. Sartell was never able to climb out of the hole that they seemed to have fallen into after halftime suffering a 29 point turnaround and would go on to lose 37-17.

After the game, defensive back Alex Virnig shared his thoughts on the plan for moving forward. He responded by saying 

Coming back this week and working hard at practice and moving on from the game and preparing to take on Bemidji”

— Alex Virnig

Sartell will play the next two games at home against Bemidji (10/12) and against Brainerd (10/17 Wednesday before MEA).

About the Writer
Hunter Boelz, Journalist

Hunter Boelz is currently a senior at Sartell High School. As a young buck trying to survive in the world, he works long hours at Emerald Companies Inc....

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