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History of ‘Tackle Cancer’ football

Cody Neitzke, Journalist

October 11, 2018

Around 15 years ago the first tackle cancer game was played. Randy Shaver was diagnosed with cancer in 1989 and five years later started Tackle Cancer, a program designed to raise money for cancer awareness and research. ...

Evil Genius is a recently released Netflix crime documentary

Evil Genius

May 31, 2018

Sami Lundgren football game

Sami Lundgren

May 29, 2018

Little Rock Lake drawdown

TJ Raden, Journalist

May 24, 2018

Little Rock Lake, which is located northeast of Sartell, has a horrible algae bloom right now.  There have been many ideas brought to the table about fixing this algae problem; the one the DNR decided on was to draw the Mississippi...

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