A true artist. (Alex Moritz)
A true artist.

Alex Moritz

Pets of Sartell: The finale

May 31, 2018

Pets of Sartell is a weekly article where people’s pets get a chance to shine like the stars they are.


Alex Moritz
Doggo plays with a toy.

The first pet of the week is Sadie Moritz. This dog belongs to junior Alex Moritz and his family. The Moritz family first got Sadie when she was only 1 year old. Sadie is now 3 years old but still has just as much energy. Sadie loves to play catch, and her favorite toy would have to be a tennis ball. She always seems to be making sounds, whether it is whining or barking. Sadie can also snap her jaw, and it will make a noise. This German short hair is a lovable and crazy dog.

Sadie Moritz’s Photo Album


Erin Mallo
Noodle is hanging out.

The second pets of the week are Noodle and Clover Mallo. They are the cuddly pets of Erin Mallo. Noodle and Clover are Snowshoe and Calico Mix cats. Each of these furry companions has completely different moods and behaviors. Noodle is a mellow cuddler that spends his days lounging around, while Clover is busy doing laps around the living room. When Noodle isn’t cuddling, he can always be found tormenting Clover or playing with his little mouse toy. Clover’s favorite toys are anything not intended to be a toy: the throw pillow, shoes, and anything else she can get her paws on. While Noodle and Clover are two completely different cats with their own personalities and differences, they still manage to entertain and bring joy to Erin and her family, which truly makes them special cats.

Noodle and Clover’s Photo Album

Noodle is one of the cuddliest scardy-cats.

— Erin Mallo


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