The slang of SHS: part 24


In this article of “The slang of SHS,” I will be addressing the movements of Sartell students. Students at Sartell High School move quickly and know to do so from the use of one word. When students feel that they are ready to make a move one might utter a phrase similar to this one, “Dude let’s younce” or “younce?” This signals to all parties that they are about to be on the move. 

Imma ’bout to younce to the bank after school and then to the gym. I’m just gonna be youncin.”

— Senior Lexie Lamont

When one completes the action of youncing, he or she seems to exit a location with an increased sense of urgency. One might frequently hear the word younce at the end of a class period, during awkward situations, or when leaving a public place.

SHS Defintion:

Younce verb (YAH-ow-nce)

1. (v) an urgent form of movement; usually when leaving a location


1. Yo Steven, we gotta younce the police are comin’.