Farewell, Sartell High School

As graduation is coming up around the corner on this Saturday, these are the last few days for seniors here at SHS. This journey of high school has left many memories: some good, and some bad, (some delicious) but all memories we will remember. Many seniors are prepping for their last summer, as we will all be heading to various colleges next year. Many people tell you that high school will go by fast and that you should enjoy it, but you never really take into account how fast it is until you are standing in those blue caps and gowns walking up on stage.

These last few days seniors are reminiscing about the good old days of 9th grade gym and how they are glad they are not in it anymore, that 3.7 GPA you started off with four years ago, or the Valleyfair trip in 8th grade. Each memory makes this place more special, no matter how much you want to leave or how bad you might miss it. You made friends. You learned something. You made a lot of memories. More importantly, you had fun, probably…hopefully.