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Sartell slang: Part 38

Kinzie Cusipag
Elizabeth is experiencing FOMO since her friends are having fun without her.



Definition: FOMO is an acronym that stands for fear of missing out.

Teens frequently experience FOMO due to things like social media. Being left out is never a good feeling and watching other’s have fun can be stressful.


“My friends asked me to hangout this weekend, I said yes of course, otherwise I will have FOMO.”

“FOMO stresses me out whenever I see my friends together without me.”

Sartell senior Kinzie Cusipag is curing her fomo by spending time with her friends. (Lily Warnert)
Q&A with Kinzie Cusipag:

Q: Have you ever experienced FOMO?

A: Yes, sometimes when I have to stay in and my friends are doing something and I have other plans and commitments so I can’t go. I feel sad and left out.

Q: How do you feel when you experience FOMO?

A: I feel sad and left out

Q: What would you recommend for others who experience FOMO?

A: Just live in the moment of where you’re at and try to enjoy whatever you’re doing because it’s probably fun too. 

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