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Bucket List: part 13

SHS students share their personal bucket list ideas. They might even be able to give you an extra idea on what to do after school.
Parker Peichel
A busy beach day that many of us day dream about but think we can’t have. The Bucket List for the things we dream about.

That’s right the Bucket List is back, baby. It’s been a minute since the last segment, but we are back. This time the first person I interviewed was SHS senior Tia Leen. Tia’s bucket list item is bungee jumping. Her reasoning was it would be fun and very thrilling.

SHS senior Tia Leen gives us her signature smile after dreaming of one day bungee jumping off a bridge. (Parker Peichel)
Tia Leen’s dream of bungee jumping one day in the future. (Parker Peichel)










The second person I interviewed was Brandon Helde. Brandon’s bucket list includes him making a round to the beach. His reasoning is and I quote “It’s chill and it’s were the babes are.”

Brandon Helde shares his deepest thoughts while working hard on some homework. (Parker Peichel)
Brandon’s dream of visiting the beach once it gets a little bit warmer out. (Parker Peichel)










The last but certainly not least is SHS sophomore Nathan Tangen. Tangen said his bucket list has him winning state in wrestling. He said it would make him feel good, and it would mean he is the best.

Nathan Tangen’s dream of becoming a state champion in wrestling. (Parker Peichel)
SHS Sophomore Tangen shares his wisdom with us outside of the gym. (Parker Peichel)
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