SHS Slang: Part 30


Maliah Nemeth

Maliah Nemeth chillin on a slide.

I’d have to assume that you’ve all heard some strange things walking in the halls of the school, and some things you may have no idea what they mean. Well, worry no more, because I’m here to explain some of the odd and extreme slang of the school that we use in 2020.  


parts of speech for the word “slide” (Morgan Claseman)


Pronunciation: sl-eye-d


Merriam Webster dictionary definition: “an act of moving along a smooth surface while maintaining continuous contact with it.” 

Synonyms: glide, slip, skim, slither


  • “When there’s ice on the road my car might slide on the road.” 
  • It’s what you do when going down a slope or what your feet do on the shower floor.




teenagers on their phones probably using this slang (piqsels via creative commons )


Pronunciation: sl-eye-d

High Schooler definition: an act of going somewhere or telling someone to come to a specific place. 






  • “Slide to my crib tonight I’m having a party” 
  • “Slide?” (as in come over)

This one isn’t as common as the rest of them, but it’s still widely heard throughout Sartell in replacement for “come over” or “let’s go to…” 

It’s mostly used over text message than in person.

typical high school kids who would usually use this slang (Shane_Wenzlick via creative commons )