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Sartell Slang: Part 40

Kinzie Cusipag
Elizabeth Jarnot uses her slang dictionary to help her text her friends.

Sartell Slang is bringing you some new acronyms this week. Current Sartell students prefer to shorten phrases and words to get their point across faster. This week will help you understand some of the current popular phrases!

WTM (what the move):

Pronunciation: wät·tha·müv

High Schooler Definition: used to ask what is going on; what events are happening


“WTM tonight?”

“Does anyone know WTM is?”

A woman shaking her head after hearing ridiculous news. She will respond to her friends with “SMH” (photo via Pexles under the creative commons license).

SMH (shaking my head):

Pronunciation: shay·kuhng mï hed

High Schooler Definition: used, for example on social media and in text messages, when you do not believe something, or do not approve of it.


“Did you hang out with Allison last night? SMH”

“Your favorite color’s red? SMH”

Woman laughs at her friend’s joke as she messages her back with the response ROFL (photo via freerange stock under the creative commons license).

ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing):

Pronunciation: row·luhng on tha flor la·fuhng

High Schooler Definition: used to show you think something is very funny


“Stop I’m ROFL”

“She is so funny, I was ROFL”



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