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Sartell slang: Part 39

Ashlyn Swanson
Kinzie Cusipag and Elizabeth Jarnot attend a date with each other to discuss next week’s slang word.

Sartell Slang has switched it up again this week. SHS students are constantly coming up with new slang words to define specific situations. This week, Sartell Slang has brought you a guide to teenage relationships.

Visual representation of the word “situationship”, which teens often find themselves in (photo via pexels under the creative commons license).


Pronunciation: si·choo·ay·shn·ship

High Schooler Definition: a relationship that has no strict definiton or label


“Anna and Kyle are in a situationship.”

“I’m hanging out with my situationship later tonight!”

Teenagers may go on dates with each other when they are talking (photo via Freerange Stock under the creative commons license).


Pronunciation: taa·kuhng

High Schooler Definition: getting to know someone before an official relationship (an adult’s definition of dating).


“Anna and Kyle are talking.”

“Did you hear that they are in a talking stage now? ”

In a teenagers mind, dating is basically marriage (photo via astrotalk under the creative commons license).


Pronunciation: day·tuhng

High Schooler Definition: when two people are in an official romantic relationship

Examples: “Anna and Kyle are dating.”

“I hope we start dating soon. ”

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