Siblings of Sartell: Emily and Donovan Gerdes


Photo used with permission from Emily Gerdes; canva image by Tori Herold

Emily and Donovan have been best buds since 2007. This picture is from 2010.

This week’s feature of the Siblings of Sartell, we have The Gerdes Siblings! Emily Gerdes a Senior and Donovan a Freshman. The two have a ton of fun in the summer at their cabin spending time on the lake tubing or wakeboarding. 

Emily and Donovan twinning in their groutfits for homecoming week! (Emily Gerdes)

Q: What is your favorite memory together?

Donovan: Tubing

Emily: Cabin, Tubing, or Watching Donovan “eat it” wakeboarding.


Q: What annoys you the most about them?

Donovan: “What doesn’t annoy me.”

Emily: “When he doesn’t change the toilet paper roll when it’s empty, wears the same outfits everyday, how loud he plays his music in his airpods, he’s always in the bathroom when I need to be and takes forever, and just everything.”


Q: Favorite thing about them?

Donovan: Good driver

Emily: Sense of humor


Q: Who is the Favorite?

Donovan: “me”

Emily: “me”

Emily and Donovan tubing at their cabin! Tubing is their favorite thing to do together in the summer. (Emily Gerdes)

Q: Favorite thing to do together?

Donovan: ‘Stay away from each other.”

Emily: “Make jokes and make fun of each other” 


Q: Describe each other in 3 words.

Donovan: Dumb, Stupid, and Dumb.

Emily: Dumb, Dry, and Annoying.