The red tide has awful repercussions


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The red tide is destroying marine life on the coast of Florida.

The red tide is talking over the Atlantic ocean by the coast of Florida, ruining vacations with its effects.

Red tide is harmful algae bloom that can cause water to look red or brown. It produces chemicals that can affect breathing and marine life, often killing fish and other sea animals. The abundance of dead fish in the ocean causes those who swim in it to have symptoms of eye, nose, and throat irritation. Human nervous systems can be affected by the red tide, causing electrical signals to be disrupted. Movements of the muscles and feelings in the body can be impaired as a result of this. Fatigue or malaise may develop over time in the body. The toxins created by the red tide have also made their way into shellfish and attack those who eat the fish.

Local businesses fear that the harmful red tide will steer away tourists during the spring break rush, but many vacationers are still trying to push through.

“It’s got my asthma going,” says Shawn Snook as he was visiting Clearwater, Florida, to Bay News 9. “But you know, it’s the beach, so we’re going to push through it.”

As of March 6, there have been 36 reports of red tide exposure to Florida’s Poison Control. At this point in 2022, there had only been two reports. Algae blooms similar to this have occurred in the past before, however, Florida’s population and coastline are much more updated. Experts from the water school at Florida Gulf Coast University found that pollution or any nutrients going into coastal waters may be feeding the red tide. Unfortunately, the improvement of the red tide is not an easy fix. It will take the cooperation of many people to improve these conditions. 

Sartell junior, Abby Shaw, experienced the downsides of the red tide after visiting Florida.  “I was super congested and have a terrible cough which is giving me a headache,” Shaw states.

It is understandable to still continue vacations to Flordia to escape the cold weather, but travel at your own risk, for you might experience symptoms that could make you regret your trip.