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Apple River stabbing: trial continues on its seventh day

Nicolae Miu is being charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide and four counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide in the 2022 Apple River stabbings.
Kylee Williams
The July 2022 Apple River stabbing that is currently on trail.

On Tuesday, April 2nd in Hudson, Wisconsin, the trial of a man who is being charged with killing a teen and injuring four others has continued in the St. Croix County courthouse.

The first person to take the stand on Tuesday the 2nd was Alina Hernandez, the mother of Isaac Schuman.

Hernandez says, “I saw Isaac’s hair, he was laying on the riverbank, I knew it was him, and they were trying to perform CPR on him.”

Throughout her testimony, she emotionally described her son’s life: how much he enjoyed traveling, and the love that he had for his family. Isaac had plans to go to college for engineering.

The second witness to take the stand on Tuesday was Jawahn Cockfield, who was the person who had captured the video that is being used in the trial, it contains graphic content that includes foul language and images. Cockfield said that Miu had approached the teens while they were sitting on their tubes and grabbed the tubes, making contact with their legs.

Cockfield said that Miu punched a woman who was there before the group of teens pushed him into the water. The video catches Cockfield’s voice yelling, “He hit a woman?”

The fight quickly escalates, and as the video plays in the trial, Cockfield begins to cry. The video shows Miu holding a knife, which Cockfield had said he didn’t see until he saw several people bleeding in the water.

Cockfield said he saw Miu punch a blonde girl, but that was not caught on video. The defense pointed out that Isaac’s group formed a circle around Miu, calling him a pedophile.

The third witness on Tuesday requested to not have their testimony recorded, the broadcast and audio was cut out.

On April 9, 2024, the medical examiner testifies. Victor Froloff was the first witness on the stand on Tuesday. Froloff performed the autopsy on Schuman, he noted a sharp force injury to Schuman’s left chest during his external examination. Froloff originally classified the injury as a stab wound, saying that “the depth of the wound exceeds the length of the wound on the skin.”

According the Froloff, the stab wound injured Schuman’s ribs, left lung, and heart.

After performing a toxicology report it showed that Schuman’s blood alcohol content was 0.219. Froloff reports that there were no other substances or drugs in Schuman’s system.

Froloff determined that the cause of Schuman’s death was a stab wound to the left chest and his manner of death was homicide.

There was a lone line of questioning to explore the causes for the depth of Schuman’s wound, deciding whether he fell into the weapon or if he was moving towards it. Froloff said he “never observed this incident” and there were “endless possibilities.”


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