The COVID Diaries: Entry 13


Jordan Wenshau

Here’s Ryker (Right) and his brother Ranger (Left) begging their human for snacks.

Hello and welcome back to the COVID Diaries.

I am finally seeing trees turning green and that makes me so so happy because summer is almost upon us. There are just two more weeks left of online school now so we are on the countdown! I wish that everything would open up in time for summer, but we all know that it won’t happen.

So this summer, we’ll all have to make up our own fun. Instead of Valley Fair and baseball games, we can paint rocks and have bonfires with our family members. I know that this summer will be full of new opportunities, and I for one, cannot wait. Today I wanted to do something creative though, so I wrote a short story. I had to include these words: Bloom, Crash, Bright, Sweet, Echo, Flow. Enjoy 🙂

The dog crashed through the opening door into the sunshine and blue skies. Senses aflame, he took in all of the sounds, smells, and sights around him. The sweet summer air tickled his nostrils and the distant flow of the river danced in his ears. The bright sunshine welcomed him like a warm hug. He began to run through a field of fresh-bloomed flowers, their scent washing over him as the birds sang their cheery song, an echo of one another.