The COVID Diaries: Entry 12


Jordan Wenshau

Here’s me going to school in my pajamas. It is AWESOME.

Hello fellow quarantiners! Welcome back!

It’s another day of the COVID Diaries. Today, I realized how much has changed since the beginning of social distancing. There are a lot of things that were not socially acceptable five weeks ago that are totally normal now.

For example, I go to school every day in my pajamas. Also, I can take breaks from learning to go play with my pets. I can have my breakfast and coffee during class or I can wear the same pair of pants for three days in a row. I don’t even have to groom my eyebrows. They get pretty wild.

I’ve also noticed that I spend a lot more time with my family, which is awesome! Every night, after we eat dinner together, we all sit in the living room and watch The Office or just talk and hang out all night. Not everything about quarantine is bad.

If you haven’t already, go enjoy your family because before you know it, you won’t be living at home anymore. You will miss it. You have a chance right now that we probably will never get again so make good use of it. 🙂