The Quarantine Diaries: Day 5


Jordan Wenshau

Here is one of my attempts at drawing half of a face.

Howdy reader! Welcome back to the Quarantine Diaries. I know that we are far past day 5 of quarantine, but since online school started this week, I thought now is a better time than ever to keep this little series going.

As I mentioned before, online school began today. It was a little bit weird to see and hear my classmates and teachers on the computer. I already am starting to miss the real-life connections you can make in an actual classroom. The upside of school at home, however, is that I can do my work outside. Today was such a beautiful day because it was 60ºF and sunny. Most of my day was spent basking in the glorious sunshine and drawing. Today’s creative challenge is to draw something. Just put pen to paper and see what you can make, or you could use a random word generator for ideas.

Enjoy your day! 🙂 

Jordan Wenshau
Yes, I know it’s not perfect. But that’s the great thing about art!