The COVID Diaries: Entry 11


Jordan Wenshau

I forgot to take pictures of me and my siblings when we were at the park so here’s the basketball we played with.

Howdy! Welcome back to another adventure in quarantine, I’m Jordan Wenshau, and I’ll be your host on this fine day.

Today started like every other day in quarantine so far: coffee and eggs, online school, then boredom until about one o’clock when I checked the weather. The temp was nearing 60º and the UV index was at six. It was tanning time. So raced up onto the roof, yes you read that correctly, and I basked in the glorious sunshine for about an hour.

Later, after my siblings and I had finished our dinner, we headed out on our bikes for an evening ride. We ended up at the park playing basketball and sandman until the sun set. I ended my day with some TikTok and drawing my heart out.

I also discovered a website called Brainden. It is full of brain teasers, riddles, and optical illusions. Check it out when you get bored. Overall I’d say that today was a great day, and I hope yours was too! 🙂