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ePAWsode 24

ePAWsode 24 spolights Erin Lindeen’s 9-year-old little pup, Maggie. (Made with Canva by Eden Wollum)

Maggie is missing some teeth so her tongue flops out of her mouth sometimes” -Erin Lindeen

This ePAWsode of The Sartell Doghouse features Erin Lindeen’s dog, Maggie. Maggie is a Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie). She is a 9-year-old cutesy little pup. Erin, her younger brother, and older sister, begged their parents to get them a dog. Erin’s mom did not want a dog. After so much begging, she had had enough of it and brought home Maggie. 

Maggie enjoying her day in the sun by laying in the cool grass. (Photo used with permission from Erin Lindeen)

Maggie is a little bit scared of new people but once she warms up to you then you’re best friends! Maggie’s favorite things are sunbathing through the windows, going for walks, and sleeping all day until her family gets home, then she will cuddle with them.

Unfortunately, Maggie doesn’t have many teeth so she can’t really play with toys, but she is still a happy girl. She does like to bark though. She gets excited to see people or the mailman when she watches out the window. Maggie also has a few nicknames. They are “Maggie-Moo, Goosie, and Schmoo.” When Erin calls her these names she gets so excited. Since Erin is a senior, she will be attending college at St. Olaf. Erin says that she will have to take trips home to see Maggie and that she will miss her a lot.

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