ePAWsode 20

A dog is just a pet… but an English Bulldog is a member of the family.


Maya Workman

Maya Workmans English/ Old English mix Bulldog as a puppy.

Axel is the dog of Maya Workman. Maya is a senior at Sartell High School. Axel is a half Old English and half English bulldog. He is three years old and is a very happy and playful pup, but he can have a lazy side.  He loves to lay wherever is comfiest for him and sleeps for hours on end. They got Axel because Maya’s aunt is a dog breeder and was having puppies.  He was a Christmas present for Maya’s older sister Tina and is a great family-friendly dog. Maya’s family loves having him around to always lighten the mood when he is being goofy. 

He was my favorite Christmas gift.

— Tina Workman

Maya’s favorite thing to do with Axel is go for walks. Maya will walk him while she rides her bike. Axel loves to get outside and roll around in the grass and run around with Maya. After Axel gets all of his energy out, he goes inside and snuggles up on Maya’s parents’ bed and gets all the love and attention a dog could need.


He like looks fat but he’s muscular and like lowkey fat.

— Maya Workman