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Travis Scott ‘Utopia’ Album is worth the listen

Travis Scott performances at a live show are intense. Travis Scott – Openair Frauenfeld 2019 by Frank Schwichtenberg is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED.

Travis Scott has grown on me a lot the past few years and has become one of my favorite artists in the rap game today. He has been in the prime of his career for a while now after dropping his masterpiece of an album, Utopia last year. He has also been a killer feature on so many hit tracks, and I only see his career boosting even more in the future. Today I will be reviewing Travis Scott’s 2023 album Utopia.


HYAENA – 8.3/10

This track is very unique. Travis sampled a song called Proclamation from 1974 for this opening track to make a super unique intro with a smooth transition into a more retro style beat. This song was one of those songs that grew on me over time. When I first listened it was odd, but after a few more listens the true genius behind the opening song began to be revealed. I really like his flow on this song and when it’s paired with the unique beat it makes the overall song a solid 8.3/10. It was a very strong opening to this album.


THANK GOD – 6.9/10

Travis thought outside of the box while making this album and made some of the most unique backing tracks to these songs. I like the mixed vocals and the slower intro in this song a lot. When the beat drops it wasn’t what I expected, but it was better then what I expected. I really liked this song.




This song is one of my favorites on the album. The beat is so simple and for the majority of the track it is just Travis spitting bars over a simple beat, and it’s amazing. Towards the end of the song Teezo hits an incredible solo. This 30 second solo might be one of the best parts of the whole album in my opinion. The collaboration between Travis and Teezo was genius and I hope they make more songs together in the future. This song gets a really high rating from me because it is one of my personal favorites, and I really appreciate the simplicity and build up within the track.


MY EYES – 10/10

This song left me with no words. It is the epitome of a perfect song. It has a mellow build up, and almost a reminiscent feeling in the intro. The transition into the second half of the song blew my mind. The flow, the beat, and other messages he is trying to convey when the beat picks up halfway through the song are quite literally perfect. This is by far my favorite song on the album. It would be ridiculous to give it anything less than a 9 on my scale.



I love the vocals within the beat on this song. I think his flow could have been better and he could have been more creative with a beat switch. This isn’t my favorite on the album, it is alright in my opinion but still very well put together.


SIRENS – 9/10 

The production on this song is insane. This is by far one of the most unique tracks on the album, and I am all here for it. The beat is so different and Travis has amazing flow that attracts the ear. This song is probably in the top five for this album if I am being honest. This is a very underrated track. It definitely doesn’t get the hype it deserves.



This song just flat out goes really hard. Drake is really good on this song, and the beat is on the slower side but it is heavy and dark. When Travis comes in with his verse, it just adds a whole new element to the song. There is a point in the song when the beat switches to a faster tempo and that part also just draws the listener into the song. 


The opening synth in this song will become an anthem in the hip hop world. The three notes in the bass that he rotates through are addicting to listen to. His flow and voice just fit perfectly with what he was trying to accomplish in this song. It is one of his most popular tracks on the album, and I feel like over time this song will become a staple in the world of rap and hip hop. This track has amazing qualities. There is a reason Travis played it nine times in a row at his concert.



Whenever you have Beyonce on a song it is bound to receive a certain level of attention. This isn’t my favorite track on the album, but it has an element of greatness because of the legendary feature, and the creativity behind the album as a whole. I liked this song, but didn’t love it. I think that is partly because I’m comparing it to the other songs on the album which are sitting at a legendary status.


I KNOW ? – 7.5/10

This song is very well done. The lyrics are catchy and I remember this song being one of the first tracks on the album to really get stuck in my head. It definitely helped draw me into the rest of the album. It is a very solid song, the reason my rating isn’t in the 8 or 9’s is because it is so overplayed on several social media platforms, but then again there is a reason for that. This is one of the top songs on the album, and really adds to the overall vibe.


TOPIA TWINS ( FEAT. Rob49 & 21 SAVAGE) – 8.9/10

This is also one of the more popular songs on the album. Whenever 21 Savage hops on a song it usually deserves a pretty high rating. I can’t think of many 21 Savage features that have not been good. This song is a little overplayed but other than that I feel like it deserves a pretty high rating. The flow between Travis and 21 are unmatched, and the beat is upbeat and more of a hype style song which is just what the album needed. I love this song and once again think the album would not be what it is today without it.



This song is very underrated. Swae Lee has a very underrated voice and Travis working alongside The Weekend is like a match made in heaven. I love the heavy synth and the march style beat incorporated within the song. Each song on this album is unique in its own way, and I think that’s why this album is such a staple. I love this track and it would definitely be amazing live as well. It deserves a higher rating. 




I will give it to Travis, this song is very creative. I really like the idea of using comedian Dave Chapelles voice within the intro and different parts of the song. It is on the slower side and just isn’t really something I can vibe to that well, but it definitely adds an element to the album that is needed. 



This song is amazing. I really like how Travis is using some sounds in his beat that pay tribute to the 90s hip hop scene. Young Thug is an amazing feature, but I think Travis’s flow makes the whole song what it is. The beat is very simple and standard but perfect in its own way. This is also an underrated track on the album in my opinion, and doesn’t really get the hype that it deserves.



I love the sample in this song, and Westside Gunn is just a genius when it comes to putting together a majestic beat. The flow is so unique, and it is definitely a song that takes a few listens before you actually start to understand the song and enjoy and appreciate it. I really recommend any listeners to check this song out and just be patient and give it a few listens over time, because when it kicks in it is a true masterpiece. 



The bass is really unique in this track. I heard another reviewer say it feels like you’re in the jungle when you listen to it, and that is all I think about every time this song plays. I really enjoy this track, and feel like it doesn’t lack any creativity. The flow of Travis’s lyrics really hit, and it is one of those pieces where you can;t not move when you listen to it. 



This song has a very cool beat and a more of a summer vibe type feel to it. It isn’t my favorite, just because I feel like it doesn’t really fit well with the rest of the tracks and the overall theme of utopia. It just feels out of place on this album in my opinion, which is why it got a lower rating. It isn’t a bad song at all, I just feel like it is very out of place and he should have released it on a different album or maybe as a single.



This is one of the most popular tracks on the album, and also one of the best as well. It would not be ridiculous to say that this was the song of the summer in 2023. It is amazing and will be a staple in hip hop. I think in future years this will be looked back at as a classic, and one of Travis’s greatest hits. Both SZA and Future are incredible on this song as well. 



This is a great song to end the album with. Personally, I love James Blake’s voice and what it adds to the track she is on. It is  creative, and unique. The beat is smooth and once again 21 Savage is a great addition to the song. This was a great ending to an incredible album.


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