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An open letter to moms…

Eden Wollum
A letter to every mom out there, we love you!

Our mom.

We wouldn’t be here without her.

The knee scrapes we got as kids when we fell off our bikes were fixed with a hug, a kiss, and a bandaid. All the “big deal then, small deal now” friend drama all over middle school was fixed with her being our friends instead.

She pushed us to submit our job applications at the beginning of high school and held our hand through all the college applications, scholarships, commitments, graduation parties, and organizations during our final year of high school.

She will have a meal sitting on the table for us during visits home from college and will continue to wave goodbye and blow us a kiss from the driveway, rain or shine when we leave to go back. She will hold us during our first heartbreak, and give us full support when we walk down the aisle with “the one” someday.

She will be one of the most supportive people to her grandkids and love them how she loves us. She will continue to try to host dinners for all her kids even though we are living all around the country.

Then we will have to care for her and make her meals the same way she made meals for us. We will care for her the same way she cared for us our whole lives. We may find ourselves reminiscing about the good times, but we can take care of our babies just as well as she took care of us.  From the first day of our lives to the last day of theirs, moms are here for us through it all.

Thank you to each and every mom for supporting us every step of the way. We love you so much!


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