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This summers Starbucks drinks are a hit

My last seasonal sensations article
McKenna Petron
I’m back with my final Starbucks drink review for the year!

Summer’s around the corner and Starbucks is ready with two new fun and refreshing drinks that will make you feel like jumping into the lake.



White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew

This drink is made with Macadamia nut syrup, white chocolate cold foam, and toasted cookie toppings. (Fair use photo from Starbucks)


I felt like this drink just tasted like a regular cold brew with sweet cream. This means it was good, but I wouldn’t say it was very special in terms of it being a summer drink. I think that Starbucks could pull this off as a fall drink more than summer. When I think of summer coffee, I imagine more of a light flavored vanilla latte. However, this is a good drink if you’re looking for a good cold brew, this could be the one for you!





Summer Berry Refresher                    

This is a raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry blend with the option to have lemonade and raspberry pearls. (Fair use photo from Starbucks)


I’ll start by saying that I got this drink without the lemonade so if you get your refreshers with lemonade this will taste different for you. I think that this drink was very good, but it wasn’t as flavorful as I was expecting. I definitely want to try this drink with the lemonade because I think I’d like it better that way. I liked eating the little raspberry pearls at the bottom. The drink presentation definitely gets a 10/10. I thought this drink looked like a science experiment or like a lava lamp, which was cool. 




                        Summer Skies Drink

This is the Summer Berry refresher just with coconut milk as the milk. (Fair use photo from Starbucks)


This one is made with coconut milk like the Pink Drink. I did not try this drink just because coconut milk hurts my stomach, and I wasn’t willing to risk that for this review. However, I know someone who has tried it, and she says that it was really good and tasted like cotton candy! I can’t verify this, but I take her word for it.






Overall, I think that Starbucks did not disappoint with their summer drinks this year! Their berry drink is very refreshing and is perfect for the hot days ahead!


I had tons of fun writing these seasonal articles but unfortunately, this will be my last one as I am graduating in two weeks! I will need an incoming journalist to come in and take over for me to continue these articles.

These are fairly easy articles to write and there is lots of room to put in little details that will add up your points. It’s fun to go out during class to do these reviews. I recommend recording your reactions to the drinks so you remember exactly how you felt about the drinks. You can also get extra points if you turn your video review into a TikTok or Insta Reel. Add some fun color pops into the article to make it more fun, and don’t be afraid to make these articles better than me!

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