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Munch Munch Mochi Donut review

Kate Fergen
Munch Munch Mochi Donut is a new donut shop in Waite Park that everyone has been dying to try.

Munch Munch Mochi Donut is a new donut shop that opened up in Waite Park, serving up some trendy treats.

The store has a wide selection of donuts, a cream puff adjacent pastry they call “Puffs,” as well as an extensive Drink menu. 

The popular mochi donut trend has been popping up on social media and on people’s feeds in recent years. The donuts sold at Munch Munch Mochi Donut are different from the typical American donut because the sweet treat is made from tapioca or rice flour instead of regular flour, that’s the secret to what gives the donuts their chewy, fluffy texture. Munch Munch Mochi Donut is sure to be a popular spot.

When I asked the worker behind the counter if the store had been busy the first few weeks of opening, he responded with “Yes, we just started doing boba today.”

Some of the highlight flavors we tried were Chocolate, Strawberry, Milk Pebble, and Churro.

The exterior of Munch Munch Mochi Donut located at 713 2nd St S, Waite Park, MN 56387 (Kate Fergen)


The Chocolate donut from Munch Munch Mochi Donut pictured here.($3.00)(Kate Fergen)

The crunchy-ness of the outside of the donut accompanied by the squishy inside of the donut was texturally amazing. The icing on the top was the perfect touch of sweetness to the dough of the donut. I really enjoyed trying this flavor.

Our Rating: 10/10 


Strawberry Donut at Munch Munch Mochi Donuts, one of our favorites! ($3.00) (Kate Fergen)


The strawberry donut came with dried strawberry bits on the top of the donut, this added some really interesting textures. Strawberry had to have been one of our top flavors, it wasn’t too sweet and it balanced out the flavors really well.

The Milk Pebble donut from Munch Munch Mochi Donut ($3.00) (Kate Fergen)           

Our Rating: 9/10



Milk Pebble: 

Like its name suggests, this flavor had a milk flavored icing pared with a sprinkling of fruity pebbles on top. While the icing is sweet, it definitely does have a strong milk flavor, which to me was slightly unsettling…                                                                             Our Rating: 5/10


The churro donut with cinnamon on top of it ($3.00) (Kate Fergen)


The churro donut has a generous dusting of cinnamon on top, which has its ups and downs when enjoying. The cinnamon was almost too strong, but it was balanced a bit more with the sweet icing. Other than the cinnamon there are no outstanding flavors on this donut.    Our Rating: 5/10


Fresh donuts in the display case are selling out fast! (Kate Fergen)

Munch Munch Mochi Donut is continuing to add new and fun food and drinks to their menu, and it is sure to be a popular destination!

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