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Eggsquisite Eats: Flour and Flower

Eden Wollum
Put Flour and Flower on the top of your list for new places to visit!

Flour and Flower is a small business coffee shop in St. Joseph, Minnesota! They are located right behind the LaPlayette Bar and Krewe off of College Avenue.

All the yummy food and drinks we got from Flour and Flower, we were very impressed with the flavors! (Eden Wollum)

They offer a variety of coffees, lemonades, teas, and other assortments of drinks. Not only that, but they offer a wide variety of unique foods, such as pastries, baked goods, lunch items, and breakfast items.

The lunch menu looked delicious.

Not only does Flour and Flower sell breakfast, they have a yummy lunch menu as well! (Eden Wollum)

The foods that look and sound the best on the menu include The Beyoncé which is made with St. Joe Meat Market turkey from a few streets over, pickled cabbage, and American and white cheddar cheese on sourdough, panini-style and their Chunky Salad that kale, roasted cauliflower, with coriander, cumin, red bell peppers, spinach, and a lime vinaigrette. They also make a roasted butternut squash and sweet potato soup with ginger and red lentils. 

They have a lot a small nicknacks made by other local small businesses around central Minnesota. They carry a decent variety of earrings, hand towels, stickers, mugs, honey, magazines, and painted works of art. 

Our drinks AND the pookies, two of the best things Flour and Flower has to offer! (Eden Wollum)

Flour and Flower is mainly open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For a 12 oz matcha latte, a 12 oz iced salted caramel latte, a butter croissant, an asparagus gruyere and prosciutto croissant, and their raspberry buttercream pookies, our total came out to be $24.65 with tax.

Iced Salted Caramel Latte – $5.05

I was very excited to try this latte as it is something I typically don’t get. It had a strong coffee flavor but also had a lot of milk in it.

It wasn’t very sweet and could’ve used a little more sweetener. Overall, I would recommend this drink to anyone who likes a subtle flavor of coffee. I would rate this drink a 6.5/10.


Honey Matcha Latte – $5.35

I am a big matcha lover and will always order a matcha, so I was very excited to try their Honey Matcha Latte! The first few sips were great, but since we were sitting in the sun the ice in the drink melted pretty quickly. This made the matcha taste very milky and I wasn’t a big fan. Overall, I would rate this matcha a 6/10, it wasn’t the best matcha I’ve ever had but it made my craving for matcha go away.

Yummy, flakey, and moist, sits the buttered croissant in all of its glory. (Eden Wollum)

Buttered Croissant – $4.25

I had very high expectations for this croissant and it 100% exceeded my expectations! The outside of the croissant was crispy and flaky while the inside was so buttery and soft. It was very flavorful, and I would highly recommend it if you love just a simple bakery item! Overall, I would rate it an 8/10.

The gruyere, asparagus, and prosciutto croissant was a yummy and salty breakfast item. (Eden Wollum)

Asparagus, Gruyere, and Prosciutto Croissant – $5.00

This breakfast item was so flavorful and exceeded my expectations. It was so buttery and flakey on the outside, with a perfect crisp when you bite into it. The prosciutto was really salty, but not too overbearing. The gruyere cheese gave the inside of the croissant a wonderful moist texture. I would rate it a 10/10.

Raspberry Buttercream Pookies- $5.00 (for two)


These raspberry pookies were to die for, so fluffy and fresh with a great name. (Eden Wollum)

I think the fact that these pastries are called pookies, makes them ten times better! The outside top and bottom parts of the pookie were the same texture as the croissant but on the inside, it was so airy. The buttercream center was light and fluffy and had the right amount of raspberry flavor. Overall we would rate them a 9/10.

I love this place so much, it’s so cute.”

— Erin Lindeen


Flour and Flower is a fantastic local place to go for your comfort food cravings, if you need gorgeous flowers, or to pick up a cute gift for someone special. We would go back 100 times over, and will definitely be visiting for coffee and food again!

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