The slang of SHS: part 3



In this article of the “The slang of SHS” we will cover how Sartell High School students become upset. Here at Sartell High School one does not simply become mad, angry, agitated, or upset. NO. At SHS, students are either rattled or salty.

Webster’s Dictionary defines rattle as, “to chatter incessantly and aimlessly.” Much like a baby’s rattle, the act of being rattled (sometimes pronounced RAAAAATLEEEEED) is similar to being vigorously shaken about. To be rattled here at SHS means to become flustered or upset.

Unlike it sounds, being salty has nothing to do with seasoning your food. In fact, being salty could not be more different than the white stuff in your shaker. While being salty also has to do with being angry and upset, it differs from being simply rattled in the fact that salty has a more deeply rooted hatred.

SHS Definition:


Rattled adjective.(rATŸeld)

1: (adj) Flustered or upset.

2: (adj) Shocked or stunned.


1: Bro, I have knots in my Jordans. I am so rattled.

2: I am so rattled. I just failed my art final.

Salty adjective (sALLŸtee)

1: (adj) sinister anger.


Student 1: I hate Joe’s shoes. They are so ugly.

Student 2: Maybe you are just salty because he has sweet Jordans.