SHS Slang: Part 31


Maliah Nemeth

Maliah Nemeth shares her wealth of slang knowledge with SHS.

I’d have to assume that you’ve all heard some strange things walking in the halls of school, and some things you may have no idea what they mean. Well, worry no more, because I’m here to explain some of the odd and extreme slang of the school that we use in 2020. 


The parts of speech for the word cap (Morgan Claseman)


Pronunciation: k-ah-p


Based off of Merriam Webster dictionary, a cap is “a kind of soft, flat hat, typically with a visor” or  “a protective lid or cover for an object such as a bottle, the point of a pen, or a camera lens.”


Synonyms: lid, top, stopper, cork 



  • Another word for a hat or a baseball hat.
  • “Don’t forget to put the cap on your drink so bugs don’t get in it.” 
One of the technical meanings of the word cap (photo via wikimedia under the creative commons )



Pinocchio, a liar, would also be considered “capping” ( via creative commons)

Pronunciation: k-ah-p

High Schooler definition: used to call someone out for lying or showing off. It is used to show something isn’t true.


  • “Cap” (lie)
  • If someone said they aced all their classes and haven’t gone to class any day of the year, you might respond with, “Quit capping, we know that’s not true.” 

When used over text there is a very good chance that there’s the blue cap emoji after it. (pictured below)

The cap emoji in which teenagers will put after their sentences. (Morgan Claseman)