SHS Slang: Part 29


Maliah Nemeth

Maliah Nemeth with a dictionary. But not a real one because our school doesn’t have one anymore.

I’d have to assume that you’ve all heard some strange things walking in the halls of school, and some things you may have no idea what they mean. Well, worry no more, because I’m here to explain some of the odd and extreme slang of the school that we use in 2020. 

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Period. ”

— Madisyn Claseman


the word and it’s parts of speech


Pronunciation: pee-ree-ud 

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, “period” means “The completion of a cycle, a series of events, or a single action” 

Synonyms: conclusion, halt, era 



  • “The punctuation at the end of a sentence is called a period.”
  •  “A specific point in time of any length.”
a certain era of time such as a deadline could be a period. (pixabay via creative commons )



Pronunciation: pee-ree-ud (the t is silent) 


According to the students at SHS “periodt” means “Facts!” or “Heck yeah!” or something that replaces the meaning of “Yeah girl you tell him! Dang right!”


  • you are arguing with someone and you end the argument with an amazing comeback. People listening might butt in and say “periodt!” 
  • You say something very truthful and powerful and something extremely relatable. Your friends might say “Periodt, queen, you tell em!”
TikTok, an app where the slang “period” is very commonly used. (pixabay, via creative commons)








This term has been around since 2019 and is still continuing into 2020. It is widely used on the app Tik Tok. 

The term period can be followed by the words pooh, queen or sis but they will still mean the same thing. If someone uses this term after your comeback in an argument or after something you’ve said, consider yourself royalty.

Period Queen! (pixabay via creative commons )