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What is the best trending fall shoe?

Ashlyn Swanson
As fall approaches, so do new upcoming trends especially for shoes.

Clothing, especially shoes, alter with the temperature. Fall weather frequently brings lower temperatures, consequently new materials may become popular in shoes to offer warmth and comfort. A deeper and earthier color scheme is also introduced. Fall shoes frequently have practical features as well.

The Ugg Tasman Slippers and The Birkenstock Boston Clogs are equally ideal shoes for transitioning from summer to fall.

Tasman Ugg Slippers:

The Tasman Ugg slipper has raised the bar for slippers. A slipper for every occasion, according to some. Similar to the iconic boot from Ugg, the well-liked Tasman slipper is made with a lightweight but sturdy outsole. This enables the slippers to be worn both inside and outside. The comfort provided by the sheepskin and wool inside is the shoe’s key selling point. The slipper’s outside is made of plush suede, and the slipper opening is covered by an embroidered braid. Overall, these are a really adaptable pair of shoes that are simple to put on and take off. 

Cost: $110.00


Birkenstock Boston Clog: 

The Boston Clog by Birkenstock is a classic pair of shoes. This fashion trend dates back to 1979, and in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was hugely fashionable. Due to their cozy fit and adaptability, Birkenstock clogs are currently making a comeback. Natural cork, natural latex, jute, and premium suede are all used in the construction of this shoe. People want to buy this well-liked clog because they are so confident in Birkenstock’s high-quality sandals. Additionally, wearing your favorite pair of socks with this ideal fall shoe is a terrific way to do so.

Cost: $158.00



“Which trending fall shoe do you prefer?
The Tasman Ugg Slippers or the Birkenstock Boston Clogs?”

Senior, Kinzie Cusipag: “I like the Ugg Tasman Slippers because they are just so cozy and I don’t really like the clog moment because they are reminiscent of Crocs to me”

Senior, Morgan Gill: “I definitely like the clogs better especially the ones with the fur in them”

Senior, Megann Jobin: “As someone who owns both, I would have to say it depends on the occasion and the outfit. Personally, I am more of a Boston Birkenstock fan, but I do like wearing my Uggs to school more only because they are more comfy”

Junior, Truett  Carlson: “I like the Boston Clogs more because I have a pair”

Senior, Kaitlyn Lysen: “I actually don’t know what the Ugg Tasman Slippers are, but I do have a pair of the Boston Birkenstock Clogs, so I am have to go with the clogs. I am choosing the clogs because they’re just granola like me”


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