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The journey of ModernRoots

Ashlyn Swanson
Eco-conscious beauty brands, like ModernRoots, prioritize health, planet, transparency, and empowerment for consumers.

The inspiration for ModernRoots is its founder, Meg DiMercurio, a supporter of organic farming, botanical science, and physiologically developed goods for holistic body wellness.

In 2008, Meg was faced with the difficult task of providing treatment for her baby who was born with a severe skin disease. When it came to finding options that would work for her daughter’s particular skin cell structure as well as staying true to her beliefs about using gentle, chemical-free treatments, Meg turned to her experience in biology and plant-based formulations. She was able to restore the health of her daughter’s skin using her own creative formulas.

ModerRoots manufactures its products on-site, ensuring they are free from unnecessary chemicals. (Ashlyn Swanson)
ModernRoots produces various products including laundry detergents and hair care products. (Ashlyn Swanson)















Inspired by her desire to help others with skin concerns, Meg started showing her products at nearby farmer’s markets in Minnesota. The excellent response that Meg received from clients looking for safe, natural skincare products led to the founding of ModernRoots.

Combining the most recent developments in skincare actives and skin biology experience as well as old herbal and animal traditions, ModernRoots symbolizes a philosophy that stands the test of time. Meg raised animals and expanded her knowledge of different plant species to ensure she used the best elements for skin and overall well-being, 

Using non-toxic makeup is important to protect both personal health and environmental well-being. (Ashlyn Swanson)
ModernRoots takes pride in crafting a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing products, each carefully designed to delight the senses with their captivating fragrances. (Ashlyn Swanson)















In addition to having successful storefronts, ModernRoots now has a thriving internet business that is open to everyone. Because of ModernRoots’ dedication to providing real, naturally manufactured body care products that nourish, heal, and renew the body from the inside out, customers are drawn to the store. The company is still growing under Meg’s direction, providing a ray of hope and healing to people looking for all-natural skincare treatments.

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