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Great places near you to get your study on


How prepared are you for finals this week?

Are you already feeling a little stressed out about it??

Do you have a plan on how to mitigate that stress and actually get the studying done???

According to Victoria University’s website, there are a few efficient study tips students can focus on.

  1. Stay organized – Its very important to be organized with your work so your mind can also be organized. Investing in a notebook or some folders is a simple way to divide different work.
  2. Take notes – When you take notes it can help you study your material easier and is a way to look over your work.
  3. Find a study buddy or study group – Having someone to study with is fun and helpful! if you and your friend have the same work you can help each other.
  4. Talk to your teacher and ask questions – If you are confused on your material it is important to ask your teacher for help so they can get you on the write track.
  5. Test yourself – Try working on the material without using notes, this can help with how well you know and memorize the topic. you can quiz yourself on great online tools such as quizlet.

So now, what are you going to do about those finals? Hit up one or all three of these great study places.  There are plenty of options all across Sartell and St. Cloud. I visited three different study places.

The first place I visited was classic Starbucks. I visited the Sartell location. This Starbucks has a wonderful study area that is open concept. There are large windows that make the place feel very open. The seating varies and there are tables large and small depending on your group. I found the seating very comfortable. With Starbucks, there are plenty of different drink options for whatever suits your palate. I loved studying there!

Reviewing class material with a study buddy is better at Starbucks! (Sophia Simonsen)

The next place I visited was Panera in St. Cloud. I have to say, this is definitely my favorite! The atmosphere is phenomenal. The lights are dimmed to a comfortable setting instead of a bright light. Panera plays very laid back music which is perfect for studying. I grabbed some food to eat while I studied and it was so delicious. I am a big fan of all the different seating options; there are stools, booths, circle tables, couches and cushion benches! I highly recommend this as a study place.

A warm mac and cheese is the perfect side to some studying. (Sophia Simonsen)

The last place I visited was a local coffee house, Second Street Coffee House in Sartell. This coffee house has a very pretty interior that is very cozy. There are a few other people studying there; it’s a common place to study! I enjoyed sitting in their booths because it is tucked in so you have your own space. The employees are super inviting and kind! I enjoyed drinking an iced latte while working on my material.

This is a perfect place for working on some math while sitting in one of the cozy booths! (Sophia Simonsen)
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