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Travel essentials for your spring break trip

When you travel, you need a few essential items to make the whole trip smoother.

Everyone loves a break, and students at Sartell High School are no different. Spring break will fall at the end of quarter three for Sartell High School students. As Sartell students eagerly await spring break, packing may be a distant thought between all the homework assignments, sports, and other activities. I suggest you start making your packing list a few months in advance, that way you are assured not to be stressed at the airport thinking you forgot something. Luckily for you, I have curated a list of my top ten travel essentials to help get you started. Happy packing!

In no particular order:

  1. Cute swimsuits
  2. Tanning lotion
  3. Sundress
  4. Functional pair of shoes
  5. Sunglasses 
  6. Packing cubes
  7. Water bottle
  8. Travel toiletries
  9. Socks
  10. Charging cords & electronics

Swimsuits: When preparing for your vacation depending on the climate of your destination a swimsuit or two could be considered an essential to some. A favorite palace of many to shop for swimwear is Triangl. While Triangl may not make the most affordable swimsuits the quality and styles are well worth it. Not to mention, Triangl has a wide range of sizes, styles, and cuts so there is sure to be a suit for everyone. Linked here are my current three favorite Triangl swimsuits MICA-LADU, MICA-BAY SPARKLE, and MAIA-ZEBRA SPLASH.  

If you go somewhere warm, you’ll need a swim suit! (Fair to use images from Triangl, graphic created on Canva)
This Australian Gold tanning lotion is by far the BEST! (Fair to use image from target, graphic created on Canva)

Tanning Lotion:

Tanning lotion assuming you are from Minnesota you are headed south, and ready to enjoy the hot sun. While having a high-SPF sunscreen is important most teen girls want to come back home looking golden. If that happens to be you, you should try a tanning/bronzing lotion. I am a fan of the Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator as I have found this product to leave me with the best results. After a quick cool off in the shower apply MAUI Babe After Browning Lotion to lock in the tan. 



Looking good on vacation should be and is considered to be a high priority for many teen girls. As someone who struggles to find dresses they are content with this becomes the biggest stress for vacation. A few places that have viable options for all include Princess Polly, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Hello Molly. From Princess Polly, I would recommend the Let’s Dance Mini Dress. This dress comes in various colors and patterns and is bound to make you feel pretty while being an extremely comfortable option. Matching sets are also very popular right now, so if you’re into a set I would recommend The Allie Set. Next, from Abercrombie & Fitch, I would recommend the Emerson Poplin Puff Sleeve Mini Dress. This dress comes in various colors and patterns making the dress something almost everyone would like, and who doesn’t love a puff sleeve moment? Plus as a bonus there are pockets! Finally, I would recommend the Cutely Marked Dress in Orange from Hello Molly. This dress offers a low-back moment that will be a flattering choice for you. These are just a few of the many wonderful options on these websites.    

You have your suit but you need to look cute too. So don’t forget these great vacation dress options! (Fair to use images from Princess Polly and Abercrombie, graphic created on Canva)

You might be walking a lot on vacay so choose your footwear carefully.  These Chacos are awesome! (Fair to use image from Chacos, graphic created on Canva)


Functional Pair of Shoes:

While packing for your next vacation make sure to include a versatile pair of shoes. A personal favorite for myself would be Chacos. Chacos offers shoes for both men and women with various strap styles and sizes. You could even make a statement and wear socks and sandals for when it gets chilly at night.

Hopefully it will be sunny where you go with these stylish and affordable pair of sunglasses from Amazon! (Fair to use image from Amazon, graphic created on Canva)



Not only do sunglasses serve a functional purpose they are also a fun accessory to add to any outfit. I would recommend purchasing a cheap pair off of Amazon just in case you lose the pair while on vacation. Amazon offers tons of styles like this pair for just about ten dollars. 


Packing cubes can be really helpful while you are getting ready to go! (Fait to use image from Amazon, graphic created on Canva)


Packing Cubes:

If you are an over-packer like myself you should plan on purchasing a set of packing cubes for your luggage. This set of packing cubes from Amazon provides you with a great way to save space in your luggage.  


Stay hydrated and use this Owala water bottle! (Fair to use image  from Owala, graphic created on Canva)


Water Bottle:

A water bottle is a great way to save money at the airport. Your water bottle could also save you money at a resort as most resorts have ice and a water cooler. I would recommend an Owala water bottle because it has a hidden straw within the lid, but any water bottle will do. Just make sure it is emptied before heading to TSA. 

An adorable set of travel toiletries.  Don’t forget airplane travel has rules around liquid amounts.(Fair use image from Amazon, graphic created on Canva)

Travel Toiletries:

Travel Toiletries are also essential. While most hotels and resorts provide you with shampoo and conditioner they usually do not provide various other products to you. Make sure to bring travel-sized products such as deodorant as you will be left with more packing space for clothing. I would recommend this set of travel toiletries if you are someone who likes to bring their products on vacation.



Nike ankle socks are my personal favorite. (Fair use image from Nike, graphic created on Canva)



A good pair of socks may be the most underrated travel essential. Having a good pair of socks allows you to be prepared for whatever your vacation may throw at you. A fan favorite is the Nike ankle socks.



An Apple AirTag is perfect if you are concerned about losing your belongings. (Creative Commons photo, graphic created on Canva)


Charging Cords/Electronics:

With most of the world being online charging cords and various electronics should be at the top of your packing list. You would not want to forget your iPhone charger and have to purchase a marked-up one at your destination. I would also recommend purchasing an Apple AirTag to ensure you don’t lose any items while on vacation.


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