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A guide to gift giving: Mother’s Day

Abby Shaw
Find the perfect gift to show your appreciation to your mom.

As Mother’s Day approaches, creating a unique gift tailored to your mother figure can be difficult. Most of us have probably received the response that they only want to spend time with you or they can’t think of anything they would need. If that is the case for you, here are a few ideas that may be a perfect gift for you or help to inspire your original gift idea.

Beautiful floral arrangements make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. (Photos from Daisy A Day Floral & Gift)

This first option is simple; however, you can never go wrong when choosing this gift. A simple bouquet or arrangement of flowers is an easy way to show your appreciation to your mom or a mother figure in your life. This is an affordable option for high school students who do not have the funds to purchase an extravagant gift. It is also a great way to support small local businesses. There are many flower shops to choose from anywhere you go. An example of a local flower shop that makes beautiful arrangements for any occasion is Daisy A Day Floral & Gift located in St. Joesph, Minnesota. Supporting this small business will allow you to get a more personal gift for your mom by allowing you to choose the flowers you know she loves.


Stainless steel gardening tool kit for both new and avid gardeners. (Photos from Amazon)

On the note of flowers, if you have a garden-obsessed mom like me, a garden tool kit is the perfect gift for you. This garden tool kit from Amazon is equipped with all the tools your mom will need when making her gardens look perfect this summer. Included in this set are the bag, two hand shovels, a weeder, two hand rakes, and a pruner. Due to it also being a cost-friendly option for those who are not looking to spend a lot of money, this set would be a great gift idea for someone who is looking to get into gardening as well as those who are avid gardeners. This gift can also be easily added to with smaller items such as gardening gloves.


This beautiful candle warmer is the perfect gift that can be used for many years. (Photos from Target)

Another great gift idea for a mom who loves candles but does not like the residue that builds up on various surfaces over time is a candle warmer. These warmers come in many different styles, designs, and colors which make them easy to match with the decor you may already have in your home. Although candle warmers are similar to wax melts, the lower heat used in a candle warmer allows the candle wax to last longer. Additionally, candle warmers are a great idea if you know that your mom is often leery of open flames. Following along with the previous ideas, this gift option is also relatively cost-effective depending on the type of warmer you are purchasing. Target has a very large selection of these warmers for equally fair prices.


Many different choices of candles allow you to customize a candle specifically to your mom. (Photos from Voluspa)

To add to the previous gift, you can purchase many different candles for your mom to use in her new candle warmer. A candle can be a great gift if you are struggling to think of ideas because they can be extremely versatile and offer many options to choose from. This makes it easier if you want to elevate this gift by allowing you to purchase a candle that has a more sophisticated exterior. Along with this, you can increase the longevity of your gift by buying scents for different seasons or holidays. A slightly more expensive option when it comes to buying a candle would be this cute pink large rose otto candle from Voluspa. However, stores that may be more accessible would include Bath & Body Works and even Target.


Gift your mom a beautiful necklace completed with a picture of your choice. (Photo from Etsy)

Depending on which website or store you purchase this next gift from, it can be more expensive or cost-friendly. Websites such as Esty offer picture necklaces for very reasonable prices. However, these aren’t just simple lockets with pictures inside. You can customize a beautiful stone on a necklace and when looking closely you can see a picture of your choice within the gem. This makes the gift search simple if you are looking for a smaller option that is still able to be specialized to your mom. The gem that is included in the necklace can be your birthstone if you so choose which also makes it a great option if you have siblings because you can each get one with your birthstone. Furthermore, the chain of the necklace comes in three different colors: copper, silver, and gold.


Allow your mom to showcase all of her favorite photos with only one frame. (Photo from Walmart)

The next item can also be cheaper or more expensive depending on the quality or store in which you are purchasing it. Mothers are notorious for taking photos of anything and everything that involves their family, especially their children. An easy way for them to display these photos is by using a digital photo frame. A cheap option for these frames can be found in stores such as Walmart. However, if you are willing to splurge, higher-quality frames can be found in stores such as Target or Best Buy. Similar to the candle warmer, photo frames can be easily customized to the decor that is already present in your home, thus making it a more personal gift.


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