The Slang of Sartell: Part 20


Nolan Wollum poses with a dictionary for his annual slang article.

The big ole’ slang wheel keeps on turning as we continue on in this life of ours. It just keeps on-goin’. And Goin’. Growing and getting larger and larger. It pretty cool if you think about it. Exponential slang growth is what I think I’m gonna call it. That’s my new term: “Exponential slang growth.” It is my term, you cannot steal it. I will allow you to use, but in a limited fashion if you would like. Here is more slang.



Clapped: To eliminate an enemy, especially in Fortnite

“Clhappedt” – Adjective


  1. Slaughtered
  2. Killed


I clapped that dude in solos last night.

I hate when you barge into my room like a swat team trying to clap me!


Fam: Close friends



  1. Bros
  2. Girlies


The fam had a great time tonight.

I love my fam more than my real family.