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Review of the most popular LEGO sets

Hailey Daniels
As a lego obsessed teenager, this article shares my opinions across the legos sets I’ve completed so far.

We all know and love LEGOs. At some point in our childhood, and even adulthood, LEGOs have been a part of our lives. Growing up, I would build so many sets to the point I made a neighborhood of all the little sets I had combined. 

Now, even more obsessed with LEGOs than before, I’ve had much experience with many different types of sets. I’ve done everything from florals to automobiles to seasonal creations. Pay close attention as I carefully review each LEGO set I have built.

This vibrant, glistering automotive set is labeled at an expert level for LEGO creators. (fair use photos from LEGO)

The first LEGO set I’m reviewing is called the Fiat 500. This was the first car set I’ve built and boy, was it extensive. Instructions for this set contained over 100 steps and just under 1000 pieces. The entirety of the car, including the interior, the motor, and the features we see on cars today are part of building this set. Completion took quite a long time as it was very detailed. I completed this set in one sitting, and it took some perseverance. Once the building was all done, it was so worth all the hand cramping and lower back pain. The set gives you stickers for the little easel and suitcase that is hooked to the back of the Fiat. The roof of the car is retractable, making it a convertible if you want it that way. Altogether, this set was so intricate and so cool to see the final product. I would recommend this set, just make sure you set plenty of time aside.

Appealing to many, this LEGO set has various types of plants. (fair use photos from LEGO)

I got this LEGO set as a gift for someone else, but of course I had to build it myself. While building this set, it seemed repetitive as all the varying succulents connected at the bottom. I did enjoy making this but I was getting quite annoyed by the fact that each step was repeated around 3 times per succulent. Also, I wish that the succulents were in pots or something more aesthetically pleasing because the black plaques at the bottom seem a bit robotic compared to the succulents. The succulents were ultimately very intriguing and interesting to craft a different succulent for each square. I think this set was priced a bit higher than I’d pay for if I were to repurchase, but this set was fun either way. 

These LEGO succulents turned out perfect as a fun piece of decoration. (Hailey Daniels)
A piece of one of Disney’s most beloved movie now available to you. (fair use photos from LEGO)

This set has me speechless. I was already such a fan of the Disney movie Up but this put the cherry on top. Not only does this set include all the starring characters of the movie, but the inside of the home is exactly what is seen in the movies. The colors of the home, the little LEGO characters, and the details are what make this set the most notable to me. I cannot recommend this set enough to Disney lovers. 

LEGOs do not always have to be cars or buildings, they can be nature as well. (fair use photos from LEGO)


Now, this floral set marks the beginning of my LEGO obsession. I got this beautiful set as a gift, and it’s the kind of gift that you still think about daily. The set contains differing flowers that are so flattering and drop-dead gorgeous. Building this LEGO set was a little time-consuming, especially on the flowers that are smaller and require more steps for extensive detail. I matched this set with the most perfect hot pink pot, and it’s the statement piece of my room. I love love love this LEGO set, and it would be my go-to gift for my friends and family. 

After seeing the finished product, I could not stop glancing at this set throughout the day. (Hailey Daniels)
Smaller than other LEGO sets, these cherry blossoms are delicate and simplistic. (fair use photos from LEGO)

This super inexpensive and cute LEGO set was given to me on Valentine’s Day, and it was the perfect gift for LEGO lovers. The set looks like it wouldn’t take as long, but it certainly did since the flowers are extremely detailed and small. The colors of this set go together so well in perfect harmony. Given this very simplistic feel, this set could be used as a home decoration. Also, this set is under $20, making this set available for the days you need something to do.

I matched this super simple set of flowers with a clay vase to truly bring out its characteristics (Hailey Daniels)
Another addition of LEGO’s nature collection, this bouquet features the most vibrant flowers. (fair use photos from LEGO)

This set marks the second flower bouquet LEGO set that I have ever got. These vibrant colors are like no other, capturing the most summery vibes in one set. Wildflowers are included in this set, which were the flowers that took the most time. Each petal had to be individually placed to make up the flower. Other than that, the set was relatively normal for the amount of time it took to complete. Like previous floral LEGO sets, this one cost around $50. This set is so beautiful and the perfect craft for the long summer months. After building this set, I added fake flowers to make it more realistic and to elevate its look. I would recommend this set for those who love that tropical vibe.

I use this LEGO set as decoration in my very own room. (Hailey Daniels)
Arguably one of the most romantic pieces, LEGO offers a full bouquet of roses. (fair use photo from LEGO)

Even though this LEGO set is not mine, I built it for someone else just because that is how much I love building floral sets. This set is classy and a timeless that you could never grow out of. The red roses with the baby breath incorporated in just put this set above all. While completing this set, I only had one complaint. With the amount of roses that are in this set, the steps got repetitive fast. Once I had gotten in the grove of things and remembered the steps, it went faster and became muscle memory. This set is so romantic and lovely. I highly recommend this LEGO set but make sure you are in the right mindset to push through the repetitive steps. 

If you are worried about your flowers dying, consider buying these LEGO roses that will last you forever. (Hailey Daniels)
This LEGO set from the botanical collection has the most character compared to other bouquets. (fair use photo from LEGO)

I bought this set on a Friday night whim and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Orchids are beautiful in person, and this set captures everything a real orchid plant has to offer. There is so much detail down to the soil of the plant. Also, this set is relatively large for the price point of only $50. Out of all the floral LEGO sets I’ve gotten my hands on, this one is certainly my favorite. I love that this set also includes the pot as the previous floral set does not include that feature. I would give this set an 11 out of 10. It’s so pretty that I seriously can’t get over it.

A great way to make use of your LEGOs after building is to put them on display like I did here. (Hailey Daniels)
Another miniature set by LEGO is simply lovely including two roses. (fair use photo from LEGO)

Like the previous set of roses I mentioned, this mini set is so romantic and does the job well. Compared to the bouquet, these two roses are a little more realistic and detailed. Also, these LEGOs are priced under $20, making them perfect for any small occasion. I matched this little set with a homemade vase which brings out the creativity of this build. If you are looking for something small and that doesn’t take hours to build, this set would be a perfect match for you. I would recommend this set for those who can’t handle completing a LEGO set in one sitting.

Creating the most realistic look, the LEGO roses have a “natural” droop to them. (Hailey Daniels)
Decorate your room this season with this buildable LEGO Christmas Tree. (fair use photo from LEGO)

Last, but not least, the LEGO set that I’ve made is this Christmas tree. At the height of the Christmas season, this set had so much spirit. To add more impact to the set, I bought the LED light set that was made for this Christmas tree. While it was a good idea, I wish I hadn’t gone through with adding the LEDs to the set. This process took way too long and made me question my entire life. The lights made the tree flimsy and extremely prone to falling and breaking. Ultimately, this set is so cute for the holiday season, but it was the most frustrating experience I’ve had with LEGOs ever. 

The Christmas tree stands in all its glory after being fully put together with the addition of LED lights. (Hailey Daniels)


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