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Affordable and ace: the Google Pixel 8

Hadley E.J. Monson
The Google Pixel 8 was released on October 4th, 2023, and performed better than other Androids on the market.

Since August, I’ve adapted to living with a cracked phone screen. After dropping it on my kitchen floor and shattering the whole screen, I could barely read anything, QR codes couldn’t scan, and it was just an overall rough time for technology in my life. However, it made me want to be on my phone less, which I liked. After I dropped it again, and shattered the screen even further to no repair, I’d finally had enough and decided to pull the trigger on a new phone.

My previous phone was in pretty bad shape, it was definitely time for an upgrade. (Hadley E.J. Monson)

The one I picked: the Google Pixel 8. 

The Google Pixel 8 was rated the best Android phone currently on the market by the New York Times. With the amazing camera and software, and lower price than many other smartphones, it takes the cake for best android. 

For me personally, the pros outweigh the cons for this phone. 

To start- the screen isn’t cracked. The glass that covers the screen is called gorilla glass. This type of glass has a highly compressed stress built deep into the glass making it more resistive to damage compared to other phone screens. 

The camera on the Google Pixel 8 is such an upgrade from the phones I’ve had in the past. With advanced macro focus on the back camera, it creates a vivid picture for whatever you’re trying to capture. The camera on the front is insanely detailed and perfect for selfies. Editing your pictures is easy and with one click of a button you can take your photos from insanely detailed to portrait perfect. 

Another pro for me is that it’s slightly smaller than my past phone. It has a 6.2 inch display and fits perfectly in my hand. The lock screen features make it incredibly easy to unlock your phone and dive straight into your favorite apps. 

The little details of this phone are really what make it the perfect choice. Similar to Apple phones, there’s no home button but a “swipe bar” at the bottom of the screen. This swipe bar allows you to switch between apps, go to the home screen and clear your apps. You can customize almost everything about this phone, from how your notifications show up to what shortcuts you want for quick access. 

Despite being rated the best android phone, it’s still not without its quirks.  

If you’re someone who uses wired headphones or aux cords, this might not be the best phone for you. There’s no headphone jack for you to plug in your tunes. However, an easy fix would be to get an adapter – but that’s another thing to keep track of and another accessory for your phone. 

Another thing I disliked about this phone was that there was no place for an SD card. I would love to have some extra space on my phone and a safety net for my pictures just in case anything happened to my phone. But google does have an option to back up your pictures just in case. 

Another quirk about this phone is that while other android phones have their power button beneath the volume button, the Google Pixel 8 has a power button above the volume button. This was something I had to get used to, and I found myself trying to turn off my phone and actually turning down the volume. 

The Google Pixel 8 is a great android phone that I really enjoy so far. Being a major upgrade from my last phone I am super happy with the performance of this phone and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

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