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The importance of sewing in today’s lifestyle

Ashlyn Swanson
Sewing is a skill that has been lost over the years, but it is important to learn.

Growing up, my mom taught me to sew. She consistently emphasized to us that learning to sew is an ability that everyone should

This past summer I sewed a pink dress that I was able to wear to my swim team’s ice cream social. (Ashlyn Swanson)

acquire to improve brain creativity in addition to learning a new skill. Since I have been able to employ this ability over the years, I will always be happy that I learned it. Without sewing, I would not have gained the confidence and sense of success that I now possess. Making new items that fit my style is something I adore doing. I think that now more than ever, sewing is a skill that has to be learned. 

There are several reasons why sewing is a useful skill to have. First of all, it gives people useful skills that let them make and fix their clothes, accessories, and home décor. When repairs are possible, this ability not only saves money but also lessens the need to buy new products.

Additionally, sewing encourages self-sufficiency since it allows people to perform simple repairs and adjustments without the assistance of a professional. This adds to both cost-effectiveness and time-saving. Furthermore, sewing’s creative element enables people to show their individuality by creating custom-designed apparel and accessories, which helps them create a one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

Sustainable living is encouraged by sewing from an environmental point of view. Upcycling and clothing repair reduce the overall demand for new products, which is consistent with the fashion industry’s growing awareness of environmental issues. Sewing is a cultural skill that has been passed down through the years, helping people feel connected to their history and customs and building a sense of continuity and identity.

Additionally, having sewing talents can lead to business prospects. People can launch small enterprises by offering modification services, selling handcrafted apparel and accessories, or both. Many people find sewing to be a therapeutic hobby that offers relaxation and meditation, both of which can lower stress and enhance mental health.

By being a part of 4-H, I have been able to enhance my sewing abilities and compete with the projects I have created.


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