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The bucket list: part 2

In this series, we will be interviewing fellow students and staff on their personal bucket list ideas and might be able to give you an extra idea on what to do after school.
Ryan Quach

First person I interviewed was senior Jack Pesta. Jacks wants to watch the Olympics live in person. He wants to watch a gold metal wrestling match, which makes sense because he’s a wrestler. Jack has wrestled for over three years and is very committed to his sport. He’s also happens to be one of the captains of the wrestling team.


Jack Pesta is a senior who is the wrestling captain. He has some big time goals for life. (Ryan Quach)
A attempt to recreate a Olympic wrestling match using canva. (Ryan Quach)










Sartell Football Captain & senior, Luke Steinberg plans on traveling around the world. Luke just wants to explore anywhere, there is no specific location. He’s never been out of the country, so it makes sense why he wants to explore different cultures and try new things.

Luke Steinberg wanting to travel the world after highschool. (Ryan Quach)
Luke Steinberg pondering about where he wants to go when he’s done with school. (In the Canva I misspelt Luke Steinberg’s name, sorry Luke). (Ryan Quach)










Next person that was interviewed was senior, Aidan Halvorson. Aidan is a captain for the Sartell wrestling team and a football player. What Aidan wants to do when he’s done with high school is to go sky diving or eat Italian food in Italy.

Italy is the place Aidan wants to visit. (Ryan Quach)
Aidan holds up a defensive sticker that he earned by forcing a fumble in a football game. (Ryan Quach)









Senior, Creedon Crabtree, a student at Sartell high school wants to own a house in the future. Probably the most beneficial goal I’ve heard.

Creedon’s future home that he plans to get. (Ryan Quach)
Creedon thinks about what he wants to do after highschool.(Ryan Quach)
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