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The bucket list: part 10

SHS students share their personal bucket list ideas. They might even be able to give you an extra idea on what to do after school.
Ryan Quach
The bucket list is a series where we find people to interview and ask them whats one thing on their bucket list that they would like to do

Welcome back to another bucket list, where we interview students at Sartell High School on what’s on their bucket list. Bucket list being a to do list. Let’s get right into it

First person up is William Mathiasen. Will is a senior at Sartell High-school and a football captain. He also plays basketball and did track. Will wants to travel to the Greenland.


Will wants to visit Greenland when he has the time to do it (Ryan Quach
Will wants to experience the weather and the way of life there. (Ryan Quach










Kaiden Garlock, senior at Sartell High-School and also one of the Sartell football captains wants to visit Jamaica someday.


Kaiden is a football captain and was one of the people that created our team motto for this year. (Ryan Quach)
Kaiden plans to visit Jamaica. He wants to experience the weather and culture (Ryan Quach)










Parker Peichel, Sartell High School senior wants to go to Barcelona and watch El Classico which is Barcelona vs Madrid. The rivalry between these team is always intense and fun to watch. Parker would like to be a part of the atmosphere.


Parker Peichel lives by this quote because it motivates him to achieve his goals. (Ryan Quach)
Parker plans to watch the Barcelona and Madrid game because of their intense rivalry (Ryan Quach)
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