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Bucket list: part 12

SHS students share their personal bucket list ideas. They might even be able to give you an extra idea on what to do after school.
Parker Peichel
A busy beach day that many of us day dream about but think we can’t have. The Bucket List for the things we dream about.

In this segment of bucket lists, I interviewed three new prospects who are Sam Conner, Brenden Boesen, and Isaiah Williams. All three of these guys had something interesting and deep to say, so I’m sure you will all be inspired by them.

First up is Sam. Sam is a junior, and he is a part of the wrestling team. Sam wants to travel to either Japan or Switzerland. His reasoning is he loves to travel and enjoy many different experiences or opportunities.

Sam smiles as he feels he finally thinks I got a good picture of him after five attempts knowing darn well picture number one was just fine, but it’s okay. (Parker Peichel)
Sam’s dream of going to one or both of Japan and Switzerland. (Parker Peichel)











Next is Brenden. Brenden, who is a baseball player, wants to go to Wrigley Field. His reasoning is that it was his favorite field growing up. I guess you could say it’s his field of dreams.

Brendon sits cooly for his photo while he procrastinates on his school work. (Parker Peichel)
Brenden’s dream of watching a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago. (Parker Peichel)










Last but certainly not least is Isaiah Williams. Isaiah enjoys playing golf and basketball with his friends. Isaiah’s goal is to go see the Master’s in person some day. His reasoning is that it is one of his lifetime goals because he enjoys watching golf.

Isaiah’s dream of watching theMmasters in person some day in the future. (Parker Peichel)
Isaiah shares peace and love as he drops a truth bomb of a quote.(Parker Peichel)
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