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The bucket list: part 6

SHS students share their personal bucket list ideas. They might even be able to give you an extra idea on what to do after school.
Kayla Dougherty
Two students and one teacher were interviewed about what is at the top of their bucket list!

In this series of bucket lists, I interviewed three people: Breanna Kurowski, Drew McClellan, and gym teacher, Nathan Schultz. Each one of these people has great ideas and aspirations as to what they hope to accomplish on their bucket lists. Listed below I asked these three SHS students what they hope to achieve on their bucket list, as well as an inspirational quote. 

Breanna Kurowski was the first person that was interviewed. She would like to travel to all 50 states! Her reasoning behind this is that it would be cool to say you did it. She also would say that Alaska would be the state she looked forward to the most because she would enjoy the fishing.

Breanna’s most anticipated state is Alaska because she wants to go fishing there. (Kayla Dougherty)
Breanna shares her words of wisdom with us as she gives us her trademark smile. (Kayla Dougherty)










Nathan Schultz was the second person I interviewed. One of the main goals to accomplish on his bucket list would be to travel to Sweden. His reasoning behind why he chose Sweden because of the sweet sights. He loves the outdoors and Sweden is full of beautiful nature as well as architecture.

Out of all the places Mr. Shultz could visit, he chose the home of the Swedish fish. (Kayla Dougherty)
Phy ed teacher Schultz inspires us with his wisdom while showing off his fashion sense. (Kayla Dougherty)










Drew McClellan was the third person I interviewed. A major thing he would like to accomplish on his bucket list is winning the lottery. This bucket list item relies all on luck, and we wish Drew the best of luck.

What it looks like when Drew McClellan wins the lottery. (Kayla Dougherty)
Drew lives by the “never back down never what” motto from Nick Eh 30 and it motivates him to keep trying. (Kayla Dougherty)




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