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Top five Disney movies for you to watch when you’re sick

McKenna Petron
When you’re sick, it’s important to rest up. This can be difficult to do unless you have tons of movies to watch.

Over the weekend I was feeling a bit under the weather. One thing that helped me take it easy and rest up over those four days was watching my favorite feel good Disney movies!

I certainly wouldn’t have gotten the rest I needed if I hadn’t been able to enjoy some cute movies. That’s why I created a list of my top five favorite Disney movies for you to watch the next time you’re not feeling your best!

*You will need Disney+ to watch these movies that I have linked




A star athlete falls for a nerdy girl at a holiday party and the two of them have to battle for whats right for them. (Fair use photo by Disney)

 High School Musical 


This movie was such a throwback for me. I hadn’t watched this movie in five years!

I’d say that this was great to watch because it was so upbeat and nostalgic. All the energy in this movie really just put me in a better mood.

I always get so invested in the love story every time I watch this which just really gave me a serotonin boost.

This is just a really good movie to watch when you feel like you need some more positivity in your day.






A couple is suddenly they get sucked into their favorite movie and they completely alter the plot. They need to save the characters before they are able to return home. (Fair use photo by Disney)

Teen Beach Movie


This movie is just so fun and always brings me back to my childhood. I love all the music in this and the acting is honestly so bad that it makes it good.

I remember watching this movie as a kid and thinking everything looked so realistic, but watching it now just shows how much we’ve advanced with technology.

I used to love this movie when I was little, so watching this again was so fun and brought me back to when I was young.

This is just such a fun and uplifting movie to watch when you don’t feel good.






Two sisters need to find out the truth about their kingdom in order to bring back peace. (Fair use photo by Disney)

Frozen 1 and Frozen 2


I hadn’t watched these movies in years because I had gotten so annoyed with the songs being overplayed, but after taking a long break, these two movies are honestly so well done.

They were the perfect movies for me to curl up with a blanket and run through each of my emotions.

The visuals in these movies are just so beautiful. I also forgot how funny Olaf was until I started laughing at nearly everything he said.

This movie is honestly such a good movie to watch when you aren’t feeling great.




A young adult has to find the man who caused her island to start dying. She needs to make him restore what he stole to save her island. (Fair use photo by Disney)



This movie is just so heartwarming. Every time I watch this movie, I have to fight off the waterworks because I get so emotional.

I think that this movie has such a good story line that balances out the funny scenes and the sad scenes. I also love seeing how strong Moana becomes through the movie.

I love watching this movie whenever I can, so watching this when I’m not feeling good is a no brainer.

This is just such a well rounded movie that is sure to make you feel better.





An endangered pet bird is transferred to his home lands to try and bring the species back. However, he gets stolen and he need to find his way back to his owner with his new lady bird. (Fair use photo by Disney)



I absolutely love the movie Rio. It is such an energetic movie with lots of bright colors to make you feel better.

The storyline in this movie is so cute and I love all the music.

I couldn’t think of a better movie to watch when I was sick. This movie is just such a feel good movie and it’s even based in Minnesota for the first bit of it.

This movie could make you smile even on your worst day with how beautiful it is.








Hopefully you’re not reading this article because you’ve caught a cold, but if you are, go grab some snacks, make sure to stay hydrated, and enjoy these movies!

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