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The Doors (1991) movie review

Eddie Durrwachter
The movie The Doors was released in 1991 and won an Academy Award for directing.

The Doors were one of the best bands of all time. I feel like they were one of those bands who thrived from originality, and their style of  music was the height of creativity.

Their lead singer, Jim Morrsion, was a very interesting individual. He was the core of the band, and the flame that ignited what was The Doors. I have always been a fan of Jim Morrison, and I find his life and ideologies so intriguing. He was just so interesting, and was a very hard individual to understand.

On a totally different note, Val Kilmer has always been one of my favorite actors of all time. I was first introduced to him in the 1995 film Heat starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Then I later saw his performance as Iceman in top gun, and looked more into his work as an actor. I soon came across a movie titled “The Doors.” I looked at the movie cover and saw Val Kilmer with long curly brown hair and leather pants, straddling a mic on stage. One of my favorite actors was portraying one of my favorite musicians of all time in a biopic movie. I was thrilled.

The movie follows Jim’s life as an outcast. He went to film school at UCLA and dropped out because he was misunderstood. He soon fell into the realms of the music world, and ended up being very successful. Jim was a poet, and he felt as though he could change people and emotion through the way he spoke. Although Jim was very talented, he made some bad decisions and we can see throughout the movie that he is a very disturbed individual, and events that scarred him in the past continue to disarray his train of thought and way of life. This was one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. It really captures Jim’s mind, and the method acting that Val Kilmer did for this film blew me away. He said in an interview that he has been living as “Jim” for over two years. The role took a toll on his family life and relationship with his wife as well. He really dedicated a lot to this character, and it was shown throughout the entirety of the film. 

Some movies open your eyes to new ways of looking at life, and after following Jim’s journey through music and strife it was eye opening for me as well. I just found it so amazing that an ordinary person like Val Kilmer could transform into a totally different version of himself. He altered his persona to match Jim Morrison’s, and I just can’t get over how impressive that was.

I give this movie a 9.6 out of 10. The only reason I took .4 off of a perfect rating was because at times the film moved a little slow. Other than that the movie was perfect, and had my attention from the second it started to the second it ended. 

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