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Senior Spotlight- Kaia Gack

Anna Nemanich
This next spotlight is Sartell High School senior, Kaia Gack.

SHS senior Kaia Gack was born in Wichita, Kansas on November 24th, 2005 to parents Kendra and Greg Gack. Kaia made the move to Sartell, Minnesota when she was 4. Kaia began her schooling career at Oak Ridge Elementary School.

Featured above is Kaia playing in all 3 of her sports. (Used with the permission of Kaia Gack)

Kaia has been involved in three sports throughout her time at Sartell High School: soccer, basketball, and track. 

Kaia’s favorite season is summer because of the warm weather and the sun.

Senior Kaia enjoys taking pictures on her digital camera. (Used with the permission of Kaia Gack)







Kaia with friends Avery Templin(left) and Brenna McClure(right). (Used with permission from Kaia Gack)



In her free time, Kaia enjoys hanging out with friends, going to the lake, golfing for fun, watermelon ball in the pool, tanning, late-night food runs, traveling, and shopping. Finally, Kaia plans to attend Concordia-Moorhead this fall, where she will be playing basketball and studying business. 

Featured above is Kaia from a photoshoot done on her digital camera. (Used with the permission of Kaia Gack)









Q&A with Kaia Gack

Q: “What’s your favorite movie” A: “Anyone But You”

Q: “What’s your favorite animal” A: “A goat”

Q: “What’s your favorite class” A: “Yearbook”

Q: “What’s your favorite type of candy” A: “Nerd Clusters”

Q: “What’s your favorite TV show” A: “Outerbanks”

Q: “What’s your favorite place to eat” A: “Panera”

Q: “What’s your favorite genre of music” A: “Country”

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