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Vikings losing streak comes back

Megan Neid
Kansas City Cheifs were at the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday.
US Bank seemed to have more Red then Purple. (Megan Neid)

Vikings had a great win on week 4 against the Carolina Panthers, but their streak of 1 win soon came to an end. The Vikings played the Chiefs at home this last Sunday at 3:25 pm. Everyone was hoping for a great game, and it really was. At the beginning of the game, Minnesota had a terrible start with fumbling the ball on the first play and KC getting the ball the really start the game.

KC got 1 touchdown and an extra point the 1st quarter and Vikings got a field goal making it 7-3.  Second quarter started off  great with both team having great defense. KC got 6 points and the Vikes got 10, with a touchdown, extra point, and field goal. Both teams were tied at half 13-13 and Viking’s fans were keeping their hopes up for a great 2nd half.

The Chiefs got to start the second half with the ball and they were showing what they could really do. They just needed a little pump up in the locke room. With the scare of Travis Kelce possible ankle injury, he was back and got KC 2 touchdowns in the 2nd half. KC was up 27-13 at the end of 3rd quarter. 4th quarter was a lot of good defense from the Cheifs and ended the score 27-20 with Vikings getting 1 more touchdown and extra point.

Taylor Swift is supposedly Travis Kelce and the Cheifs good luck charm. (screen shot from entertainmenttonight on instagram)

Many at US Bank Stadium was disappointed when they realized Taylor Swift was not there and Chiefs fans might have been scared because she had been to the past 2 and the Chiefs had won. Since she was not there and they won, they can not say Taylor Swift is their good luck charm, but Kelce did get hurt so maybe she is lucky.

Justin Jefferson is said to be out for the next 4 games. (screen shot @nfl on instagram)

There were a few injuries reported during and after the game from both star players on each of the teams. Kelce had an ankle injury but came back into the game and Justin “JJ” Jefferson had appeared to slip while running a route to get the first down, and is now said to have a hamstring injury. Fans are hopefully for a fast recovery get him back on the field.

Vikings play Chicago Bears next week away and Chiefs are home against the Denver Broncos. Both good games to come and Vikings fans are hoping to bring back to win streak.

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