Who is the spicy nugget champion?


Garrett Maras

Senior Michael Webster is holding bags from all the spicy nuggets that were in the review, ignore the Chick-fil-A one (from left to right – Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s)!

If there is one thing we can all agree on in this world right now, it’s that spicy chicken nuggets, regardless of the location, are spectacular. So, my good friend Garrett and I ventured out into the St. Cloud area to rate and review spicy nuggets from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and finally, Burger King.

To start the review off we went to the powerhouse of spicy nuggets, and the home of the Golden Arches, McDonald’s. These nuggets are breaded with a tempura coating made of both cayenne and chili pepper (read more here about these new nuggets). Right now these spicy nuggets are a limited time item on the menu, but if you’d ask me, I’d say they should be a full time item. The heat is just right with these, it isn’t too overpowering and it builds slowly after each nugget you eat. An aftertaste would be the perfect word to describe the spiciness of these delicious nuggets. In my opinion these go very well with ranch and with McDonald’s brand new mighty hot sauce.

McDonald’s spicy nuggets, like these, have a perfect orange tint to them.

Garrett then drove us to the Wendy’s near the Home Depot in St. Cloud. These nuggets are breaded and then marinated in all different kinds of peppers and spices (click here for nutrition information). The breading has a nice crunch to it and the heat hits your taste buds as soon as you take your first bite. Out of the 3 locations we went to, the heat with these nuggets was the most intense, and I was a fan of that. Ranch is the best sauce to use when eating these in my opinion. It cools the heat down just enough to still taste the spice but also make them more enjoyable. 

Buttermilk ranch with Wendy’s spicy nuggets like these are delicious.

The third and final destination for our spicy nugget journey was at the Burger King near the Coborns on Pine Cone Road. These spicy nuggets are fried up in a spicy homestyle breading instead of the original breading (click here to view the nutrition facts for the spicy nuggets). It is safe to say that I was disappointed with these nuggets. But, it makes sense that they were trash because they sell an 8 piece for $1. The breading on these were soggy and they didn’t even have a spicy taste to them. The 2 sauces we tried with the nuggets were ranch and Burger King’s Zesty Sauce. The ranch made them taste somewhat bearable, but the zesty sauce made them taste even worse than when they were plain.

Burger King spicy nuggets make for a cheap and convenient snack when you are out and about.

Michael’s Pick – Out of the 3 spicy nuggets we tried, my favorite were from McDonald’s. The breading on these were the crunchiest and that was what drew me to pick them as my favorite. The spicy McNuggets were also the most mild spice out of the 3 nuggets which was great. I could eat these all day with no sauce and my mouth wouldn’t be on fire. But, these nuggets paired with ranch take the cake, and that is why they are my #1 pick. In second place came Wendy’s spicy nuggets. These were also very good and were the spiciest out of the 3 nuggets. It was a toss-up between crowning Wendy’s nuggets as the #1 nugget or McDonald’s, but Wendy’s ended up being a close second. And in dead last were the Burger King spicy nuggets. Personally, these nuggets were tasteless and not very appetizing, but at least they were cheap.


Garrett’s Pick – Wendy’s was my favorite because they had a nice crunch followed by a nice kick of spice after you ate it. Service was a little slow but the nuggets were amazing. My second favorite would have to be McDonald’s. They put up a good fight but, they fell short because of the lack of meat and the lack of spice. Plus they didn’t even give us the right sauce, I mean come on, really? Last place definitely was burger king, you could tell that their nuggets were only a dollar because of the sloppy quality and no meat. Plus there wasn’t even that much spice, there was a hint, but not enough. Overall if you want to satisfy your spicy need for nuggets go to Wendy’s, don’t listen to mike. Wendy’s is gas.

Pictured here is Garrett outside his favorite spicy nugget destination, Wendy’s.